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Research On The Reform Path Of Logistics Service Socialization In Conghua District Government Of Guangzhou

Posted on:2019-11-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z J PanFull Text:PDF
GTID:2416330596455074Subject:Public Administration
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As an important component of the administrative system of the Party and government organs,institutional logistics provides operational support to them,ensuring their normal operation,providing strong support for their logistics,and effectively guaranteeing the efficiency of the offices of government organs and departments.The "Regulations on Party and government organs 'Enforcement of Savings and Combating Waste" and the "Measures for the Administration of Organs Affairs" and other policies and regulations have been promulgated one after another.In particular,the eight central regulations have been put forward.The "three public" funds of government agencies have received much attention,and the logistics service work of government agencies has been greatly affected.In the new era of reform and opening up and the development of the socialist market economy with Chinese characteristics,government agencies should implement the eight central regulations to eliminate waste,take the socialization of services as the direction,reduce administrative running costs and improve administrative effectiveness as the working principles.How to adapt the logistics of government agencies to the needs of the current trend?It has become an inevitable trend to promote the socialized reform of the logistics services of government organs,and it is an inevitable demand of the logistics services management of government organs under the new era.Guangzhou Conghua District is one of the newly established urban areas in Guangzhou City approved by the State Council in 2013.It is located in the northernmost part of Guangzhou City and is known as the capital of Lingnan Hot Springs and the back garden of Guangzhou City.The development and reform path of the district government of Conghua has its own unique requirements in many fields.At present,the logistics management work of the government agencies of the Lianhua District still follows the management and service model of the county-level city under the control of the provincial government of Guangdong Province.The setting up of the logistics service agencies of government agencies and the quality requirements of the staff members are not suitable for the new situation of the "13th Five-Year Plan" planning and development of Guangzhou.In particular,in the area of conference services of the district government,the management of the district government fleet,the greening of district government compounds,and the security and safety of district agencies,it is urgent to update reforms so that the organization and staffing of the district government can adapt to the development needs of the new situation.This article intends to combine my work practice and experience in the Administrative Bureau of Conghua District with my understanding of the effective and advanced experience and characteristics of other government agencies 'affairs management units with similar economic and social circumstances in China.Through consulting a large number of historical documents and materials on the reform of the socialization of logistics services of relevant government agencies,and combining with the current situation and existing problems of the socialization of logistics services of government agencies in Conghua District,the basic path suitable for the socialization reform of logistics services of the government agencies of Conghua District,Guangzhou,is clearly proposed.
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