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The Research On Quality Improvement Of GZ Citizen Card Project

Posted on:2017-04-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the gradual improvement of the level of urban information,more and more cities put forward the slogan of building urban residents,especially in the eastern coastal cities,the public card card has become a business card.GZ in the citizen card project construction at the forefront of the country,the citizen card project construction,the construction of the service system is a very important one,because the public service card is directly facing the public relations and the vital interests of every citizen,improve citizen card service quality has important significance for citizen card project construction.This paper card difficulties and problems in the research of service quality of existing GZ citizens to proceed,through the project management in QFD quality management knowledge,quantitative research methods by building the house of quality,to explore the direction and measures to improve the quality of service of public GZ card.First,starting from the SERVQUAL analysis method to determine the needs of the project citizen card service quality,combined with the characteristics of the public card service quality are corrected and optimized for SERVQUAL,GZ for the establishment of citizen card service quality requirements of the project,and then determine the weight of the Kano model GZ citizen card project based on service quality requirement.GZ public card project service elements by experts and perennial work in the first line of business backbone to determine.And then through the fuzzy set theory,to build the GZ public card service quality demand and service elements of the relationship between the matrix,and the construction of service elements between the autocorrelation matrix.Finally constructed the GZ citizen card project quality of service quality housing model.According to the house of quality model,using questionnaire survey data,analysis and calculation to determine the GZ of citizen card project quality of service elements which need priority or focus on improving,in order to put forward the suggestions and measures for improving the service quality of feasible,rapid upgrade GZ public service quality card project.The citizens of GZ card research projects to improve the quality of service,to the citizens of GZ card service management project to improve the quality of service,at the same time card project to other city public development has a very good reference for improvement.
Keywords/Search Tags:Citizen card, Network service quality, Quality function deployment(QFD), House of Quality(HOQ)
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