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Analysis On The Police Combat System Construction Of Grassroots Public Security Organ In Shenzhen

Posted on:2020-12-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2416330596474543Subject:Public administration
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Increasingly complex security situation in China,objectively requires the public security organs at the grass-roots level on the innovation of police,in-depth cognition and accurately grasp the inherent law of social management,to strengthen the research,strengthening policy created,steadily promote the technology level of social management,to promote social stability and harmony.In recent years,the domestic many places to carry out the creation of the diversification of police actual combat system,from a certain level to promote the public security departments at the grass-roots level itself system and structure optimization,let the police can truly in grass-roots unit,the efficiency improved significantly,performed their duties very well.Because of the theory and practice experience lacking,however,a problem is not to avoid,so be sure to in-depth study to explore,to promote grass-roots public security bureau police actual combat system to create sustained and in-depth development.In this paper,according to the construction of grass-roots public security organs of Shenzhen police actual combat system as a case,using the theory of administrative science,political science and management,adopt the way of combining case study and literature analysis,based on the results of other researchers,the Shenzhen police actual combat system of grassroots public security department to create work has obtained achievements and has not yet been completely solve the disadvantages of conducting in-depth research,police actual combat system construction countermeasures and Suggestions are put forward,hope to domestic grass-roots public security bureau police actual combat system created some effective reference for the theory and the practice.The paper consists of five parts.The first part is the introduction,which focuses on the significance,background,and the problem of solving the thesis.The second part is the theoretical basis,expounds the basic concept of the public security organ and police actual combat defined,the related theoretical basis and the construction of the public security organ police actual combat system structure and the characteristic.The third part analyses the current situation of the construction of grassroots public security organs of Shenzhen police actual combat system,highlights the police command system,service mechanism,actual combat training system,police security system present situation analysis.The fourth part studies the problems of the construction of the police combat system in Shenzhen and its influencing factors.The last part of the objective to study the problems of grass-roots public security department managerment model,draw lessons from foreign experience,respectively from the police command,service operation,actual combat training,police security four aspects of countermeasures and Suggestions are put forward.
Keywords/Search Tags:Grassroots public security organ, Police combat system, Shen Zhen, Policing mechanism, Police service operation
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