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Research On The Reform Of Local Public Security Organs Policing In China

Posted on:2014-07-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2256330401975492Subject:Political Theory
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The growing complexity of the law and order situation, which calls for police innovation as the publicsecurity organs of social management functions based on a profound understanding and accurate grasp ofthe laws of social management, strengthen investigation and research, strengthen policy formulation, andconstantly improve the level of social and scientific management to continuously promote social harmonyand stability. In recent years, many parts of the wide range of police reform, promote the public securityorgans optimization of structures and systems to a certain extent, the police better sink into the grass-rootslevel, improve work efficiency, to better fulfill statutory duties. However, due to the lack of relevanttheoretical and practical experience, the reform problems are inevitable, and therefore must be an in-depthstudy in order to promote the further deepening of police reform and sustain.In this paper, the basic theory of the political, administrative, and management science and otherdisciplines, to take a combination of normative analysis and empirical analysis methods, on the basis ofother scholars, what has been achieved on police reform and the reform of unresolved issues were seriouslydiscussed. Combing and detailed analysis, the basic theory of the police reform, police reform in Chinamotivation, history and major reform model and the effectiveness of the current police reform still existingproblems and the whole idea of the police reform, make the best possible contribution to the theory andpractice of China’s reform of the police work. The paper is divided into four parts:Part I: Police reform Overview. The first explains the connotation of police reform, emphasis on policereform in China is the common development of reform and reform of the mechanism, both driving the line.The second section describes the historical background, the theoretical basis of the police reform of theworld, pointed out that the law enforcement philosophy and direction of development of the reform of themajor faction national police reform, to provide a reference for the country’s police reform.Part II: Analysis of the motives and history of police reform in China. This section first move lookingfor, pointed out that the reform on the one hand because the objective needs of social development, on theother hand is an inherent requirement of the internal ills of the public security organs of the police reform inChina. Then, by analyzing the course of police reform in China, pointed out that the public security organshave been looking to adapt to the social development of a reasonable police configuration mode.Part III: Analysis of our present major police reform model, summarized on the results achieved in thereform. Comprehensive analysis of nearly a decade of police reform in two main modes, draw police workhas been made of the effectiveness of four aspects: extends to the grass-roots level, tuen police in the street;police will merge their patrol comprehensive law enforcement order dynamic management and controlcapability;"sector" system, do fine the bureau; starting to focus on the introduction of the civilian police.Part IV: Raised the problems of the reform of the police and the whole idea of reform. This section onthe basis of the foregoing analysis, from three aspects should also pay attention to issues related to thereform, including the practice of reform out of touch with the reality of legal, non-police activities distress,"police" dilemma. Of police reform should follow the four ideas that the reform of the police system should adhere to the principle of legality, the establishment of a separate police values, reduce non-police activities,the introduction of competition mechanism to promote the service the public security organs construction.
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