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Studies On Land Disputes In The Process Of Rural Land Circulation

Posted on:2020-08-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Land has always been the material guarantee for maintaining the basic life of farmers.China has always attached importance to the land problems of farmers.Although the state has stipulated that the rural land contract system has remained stable for a long time,with the development of China's market economy,the process of modernization and urbanization is accelerating,the problem of rural land circulation in reality is becoming more and more popular.During the process of land transfer,land transfer disputes occur frequently and show an upward trend.Therefore,an in-depth study of the types of rural land transfer disputes and the causes of their formation and the proposed solutions are of great practical significance for promoting the legal and orderly circulation of rural land,promoting the harmonious development of rural society and realizing the strategic goal of rural revitalization.The full text is divided into six parts: The first part is the introduction,which mainly introduces the research background,literature review and research methods.The second part mainly introduces the basic situation of Z village in the research point,reviews the historical evolution of land transfer in Z village,summarizes the current land transfer situation and basic status of Z village,and lays a foundation for the following specific analysis.The third part specifically analyzes the land disputes between villagers in the process of land transfer in Z village.This paper describes in detail the specific performance of typical disputes over land transfer between farmers,and analyzes its formation process in depth.The fourth part focuses on the reasons for the land disputes in the process of land transfer between Z village farmers.The author conducts in-depth analysis from subjective and objective aspects.The fifth part puts forward specific suggestions for the effective settlement of Z village land transfer disputes.It adopts measures to guide villagers and grassroots governments to correctly treat land interests and other measures to resolve disputes,promote the orderly circulation of rural social land,and ensure the stable and harmonious development of rural society..Finally,the conclusion is mainly to summarize the above and propose a prospect for further research.
Keywords/Search Tags:land transfer, land dispute, social stability, harmonious development
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