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The Legal Research On Airworthiness Certification Of Import And Export Civil Aircrafts

Posted on:2020-06-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2416330596994530Subject:Science of Law
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In the field of international aviation law,the airworthiness certification of civil aircraft of one country through another country is the legal prerequisite for entering the country's trade market.Civil aircraft airworthiness certification is an important part of the national civil aviation safety management is indispensable,is the head of a country's legal department of the civil aircraft delivery state of the relevant technical documents and records and the airworthiness of the aircraft to carry out the inspection work,confirm the aircraft and its components in accordance with the approved type and design in a state of security available,for airworthiness certification,issued by the airworthiness certificate and one of the important duties.Conclusion of bilateral airworthiness agreement is the qualification requirement for two nationals to obtain the airworthiness certification of each other's import.The United States Federal Aviation Administration and the European Aviation Safety Administration are the most important administrative subjects of airworthiness certification for civil aircraft import and export in the current international community.The technical regulations of airworthiness certification have internationally recognized legal effect,and form technical trade barriers for civil aircraft import and export of other countries.Although China has made great progress and development in the legislation of airworthiness certification technology,it still lags behind the United States and Europe in its comprehensiveness.In the international trade of import and export,the civil aircraft made in China always faces many legal barriers of airworthiness certification.In order to solve the problems,China should continue to deepen and expand the airworthiness international agreement,improve and improve China's airworthiness certification technical regulations,strengthen the continuous supervision function of the administrative subject of airworthiness certification,solve the dispute of bilateral airworthiness agreement through negotiation,and apply litigation mode to handle the administrative dispute of airworthiness certification.
Keywords/Search Tags:Civil Aircraft, Bilateral Airworthiness Agreement, Airworthiness Approval
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