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Research On The Improvement Of Permanent Basic Farmland Protection System In China

Posted on:2021-05-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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China has a large population and a small per capita cultivated land area,which determines that the effective protection of cultivated land is our basic state policy.According to this reality,China has further developed the permanent basic farmland protection system to protect the high quality farmland in China.China has promulgated a number of laws and regulations to protect the permanent basic farmland,so that the permanent basic farmland has been protected to a certain extent,but there are still problems such as quantity reduction,quality reduction and aggravation of pollution,and such a trend has not been fundamentally curbed.Under the condition of the new age,of permanent basic farmland quality decline and pollution problems more prominent place in front of us,so the further research of permanent basic farmland protection system and perfecting is necessary.This paper is divided into four parts.The first part firstly introduces the background and significance of the research,and summarizes the domestic and foreign research theories.The second part introduces the relevant concepts,respectively defines the concept and connection between farmland and permanent basic farmland,then introduces the severe reality that permanent basic farmland is facing,analyzes the problems of quantity reduction,quality reduction and pollution aggravation of permanent basic farmland,and proposes the necessity of improving the protection system of permanent basic farmland.The third part first introduces the development of permanent basic farmland protection system of history,and then puts forward the permanent protection of basic farmland system predicament existing in reality,from planning and difficult to implement,absence of compensation mechanism of dynamic balance,pollution prevention and control mechanism imperfect these four aspects are analyzed.The fourth part mainly to the perfection of legal system on Suggestions.First,the planning system of permanent basic farmland should be standardized,the rules of planning should be rigidly formulated,and hard planning standards should be established to prevent local governments from subdividing poor land into permanent basic farmland for the convenience of economic construction,and the system of reserve areas should be established to select cultivated land of higher quality as the reserve resources of permanent basic farmland and directly subdivide it into permanent basic farmland when making up for subdivision.The second is to strengthen the enforcement system of dynamic balance,strengthening supervision in accordance with the law,set up quality evaluation system,strengthen quality control,establish the provincial long-distance demand-supply mechanism,realize resources complement each other.Third,we will establish a compensation mechanism for the protection of permanent basic farmland,enact legislation at the national level so that local laws can be followed,strengthen top-level design,identify the main body of compensation,and stabilize the source of compensation funds.Fourth,strengthen the prevention and control of pollution,increase the responsibility of the government in the prevention and control of permanent basic farmland pollution,rationalize the management system,overcome the adverse impact of local protectionism on the protection of permanent basic farmland,improve the public participation system,expand the right of informed supervision of the public,so that farmers can more easily participate in the prevention and control of permanent basic farmland pollution.
Keywords/Search Tags:Permanent basic farmland, Land resources, Protection and compensation mechanism, Pollution prevention and control, Balance of occupation and complement, Planning system
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