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The Legal Philosophy Of “Ming-fen”—Exploring Xunzi' Thoughts Of “Fen”

Posted on:2017-04-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2336330488472785Subject:Legal theory
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At the end of the Warring States period, there were big chaos because the seven countries made wars for hegemony, which caused social unrest, facing this grave situation, as the representative of the Confucian, Xunzi strived to seek the way of salvation, he set the culmination of absorbing various thoughts, and formed his own unique law thoughts of “Ming-fen”, the thoughts were adopted and followed over two thousand years since the Han Dynasty began, Xunzi' law Thoughts of “Ming-fen”have great theoretical and practical significance, are worth making our special research and study.This paper consists of five parts: The first part is a brief introduction about research status of Xunzi's “fen” thoughts,and it makes a simple review of the researches on the current literature,at the same time introduces the writing background. Then, the first chapter analyzes fundamentals and system of Xunzi's “fen” thoughts,which is an important part of his ritual and law thoughts and ultimate goal, this chapter explains what the “fen” is; Then, the second chapter summarizes the basis of Xunzi's “fen” thoughts, mainly based on the ultimate concept of Heaven, the theory of human nature and the theory of the real name, this chapter explains why we need “fen”; Back to the level of deological value, the third chapter analyzes the theoretical value and shows the value content of the thought and its system and logic with Xunzi's discourse, this is the innovation of this paper,this chapter analyzes the value of the "fen".; And finally, that the value of the times in the conclusion clarifies the modern legal significance of the "fen" thought. after summarizing the main issues of the first three chapters, with regard to the academic's criticism to the theory of Xunzi, this article will make a response to prove the integrity and tight of Xunzi' law thoughts of “Ming-fen” In this chapter, the logic of the whole paper is sorted out and summarized.Xunzi brought “fen” into the “ceremony” and made the “ceremony” dominate “fen”, he aimed originally at establishing a unified feudal hierarchy, but his law thoughts of “Ming-fen” still are useful to us today, it is a way to achieve social harmony and offer guarantees for good national governance.
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