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A Study Of Hejian's Thought Of Anti Japanese War

Posted on:2021-03-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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He Jian is an important historical figure in the modern history of Hunan Province.He served as the president of Hunan Province in 1929 and transferred to the position of interior minister in 1937.He Jian ruled Hunan for nine years before and after the founding of the Republic of China.He Jian was the local official who ruled Hunan for the longest time since the founding of the Republic of China.During the reign of he keyin,Sino Japanese relations deteriorated.In order to take precautions,he also carried out many war preparation measures in Hunan,which laid the foundation for the later Anti Japanese war in Hunan.The first part of this paper introduces the background of He Jian's Anti Japanese war thought at home and abroad.At that time,the world was experiencing the most serious economic crisis in the world.The national liberation movements were surging all over the world,and the fascist forces were surging.It caused political chaos in all countries.In order to get rid of its own crisis,the Japanese fascist forces speeded up the implementation of their policy of armed aggression against China.This aroused the Anti Japanese sentiment of the Chinese people and required the national government to carry out the Anti Japanese war.At that time,the Hunan area ruled by He Jian was also influenced by the revolutionary trend of thought.In addition,He Jian himself was deeply influenced by thedifference between Yi and Xia in the traditional national thought and the thought of serving the country with loyalty,which made him clearly put forward the idea of armed resistance to Japan at a very early time.The second part is to narrate the content of preparing for war in He Jian's thought of resistance to Japan.After the red army began to move away from Hunan in 1934,He Jian began to focus on the social and economic recovery and development of Hunan.In response to the changes in the situation between China and Japan at that time,he also carried out some war readiness construction,including material reserves,military mobilization,communications,transportation,etc.,which later laid a good foundation for the Anti Japanese war in Hunan;the third part is to discuss the war strategy put forward by He Jian.He Jian thinks that Japan is strong and small,China is weak and big,China is the place to fight against itself,and Japan is alone and in-depth.Therefore,China's strategy should be to fight for a long time and for the whole people.Only in this way can we attack each other's strengths and win the final victory.He Jian also pointed out that the victory of the Anti Japanese war is not the way back.The ultimate goal of the Anti Japanese war is to build a strong central government and realize the great goal of national rejuvenation.The fourth part is to comment on his anti Japanese thoughts.Through the research findings.He Jian's thought of Anti Japanese war is not only put forward earlier,but also covers a wide range of contents,including military,political,economic,social,publicopinion and other aspects.Because He Jian himself was influenced by traditional Confucian classics and ideology,his anti Japanese thoughts also had some problems such as unilateral Anti Japanese War and political speculation.Many ideas in He Jian's Anti Japanese war thoughts,such as the implementation of grass-roots autonomy in domestic affairs,the implementation of cooperatives in rural areas,the development of education,as well as multilateral diplomatic activities,the promotion of traditional culture,and the strengthening of international cooperation,still have important reference significance for the current social development.
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