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Research On The Historical Contribution And Contemporary Enlightenment Of The Shandong-born Anti-Japanese Heroic Group

Posted on:2019-11-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2436330548964532Subject:Chinese Communist Party
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In 2014 and 2015,the Ministry of Civil Affairs of the people's Republic of China published two batches of famous anti-Japanese martyrs and heroic groups,with a total number of 900.Among them,there are 137 anti-Japanese martyrs and heroes from Shandong Province,ranking first in the whole country,which reflects the important role of Shandong Anti-Japanese War in the national Anti-Japanese War.It is of great practical significance to study the famous anti-Japanese martyrs and groups of Shandong origins for propagating the great anti-Japanese spirit,exposing the crimes of the Japanese invaders,as well as educating and encouraging people to struggle for the great national rejuvenation of the Chinese nationality.Based on the materialist conception of history and some relative achievements in research,this paper discusses the great contributions made by Shandong anti-Japanese martyrs and heroic groups to the whole nation as well as the historical status of Shandong anti-Japanese war.Through statistics found that the anti-Japanese martyrs and heroic groups in the national native place distribution,Shandong anti-Japanese martyrs have accounted for the largest number,and then analysis the Shandong national anti-Japanese martyrs in the national accounts for the largest number of reasons: first is after the founding of the communist party of China,in the Shandong well-publicised progress thought,to carry out revolutionary activities,promoted the thought liberation;Secondly,Shandong is the birthplace of Confucianism,and the people are deeply influenced by the traditional ideas of the Confucianism,such as being unyielding,indomitable and brave and upright.Again,In late Qing dynasty and early Republic of China Shandong frequent natural disasters,many people from their homes,in Shandong to the northeast braving the journey to make a living,After the September 18 th incident,the traditional martial arts of Shandong and the northeast people of all nationalities together,joined in the battle against the Japanese invaders flood,many people dedicate a precious life in Shandong.In this paper,then statistics the Shandong anti-Japanese heroes groups of other features,such as sacrifice time distribution,degree of party constitution,position,culture,family background and so on,and do the corresponding analysis,analysis of Shandong national anti-Japanese groups relatively in other areas of the group of the unique and characteristic by Shandong anti-Japanese heroes group reflects the nation's anti-Japanese heroes in common.Then evolve to record the history of anti-Japanese heroes group contribution in Shandong,based on the analysis,for example,it is concluded that Shandong national anti-Japanese heroes group contribution is resistance,the earliest time,lasting anti-Japanese united front,arduous war of resistance,is a mainstay of the victory of the war.Anti-Japanese martyrs and heroic groups whose ancestral homes were in Shandong were the backbone of the Northeast Anti-Japanese Volunteer Army and the Anti-Japanese United Army.After the "July 7th Incident of 1937”,they made outstanding historical contributions to the consolidation and development of anti-Japanese bases in other regaions,such as Shandong,Shanxi,Hebei,Chahaer and Henan.The Kuomintang patriotic generals of Shandong origins fought in Songhu Decisive Battle of Shanghai,Taierzhuang Battle,Wuhan Decisive Battle,Changsha Decisive Battle,and on Jiangsu and Shangdong Battlefields and they made constant battle achievements.Through the discussion of the great contributions made by the anti-Japanese heroes of Shandong province to the whole nation,this paper analyzes the outstanding spiritual qualities of the anti-Japanese heroes in Shandong province,such as patriotic,brave and tenacious,willing to make the final sacrifice for the country by following comrades-in-arms,altruistic,tough and industrious,courageous and responsible,and closely connected with the masses.Shandong anti-Japanese martyrs and heroic groups of excellent quality to contemporary a profound revelation,vivid interpretation of the heroic spirit of the socialist core values,from Shandong anti-Japanese martyrs and heroic groups of heroic deeds,we can derive the rich spiritual food.We should inherit the heroes' legacy,carry forward the spirit of patriotism in the new period,with the construction and development of the cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics,to continue for the country's prosperity,national revitalization,strive for the realization of the "China dream".
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