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Research On The Construction Of Rural Rules And People's Covenants In China In The New Era

Posted on:2021-01-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J YaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2416330623481871Subject:Marxism in China
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Since ancient times,China has been a country dominated by local society,and the vast majority of the population lives in the vast rural areas by relying on families.The laws of the township people and the state complement each other,regulate the words and deeds of the villagers,and maintain the order and tranquility of the countryside.From the beginning of the Zhou Dynasty,the continuous development of the rural rules and people's covenants,stretching for thousands of years,formed the characteristics of China's rural governance,but also accumulated a rich and colorful culture of rural rules and people,such as "Chou Li","Lu's Village Covenant",South Jiangxi conventions,Township office apparatus and other rural rules and people's covenants,the survival and development of the Chinese nation has played an important role.Since the founding of New China in October 1949,especially after the Third Plenary Session of the Eleventh Central Committee,our Party attaches great importance to the role of rural rules and people's covenants in rural governance,and has formed a relatively perfect rural rules and people's covenants in the fields of political ethics,environmental protection,family virtues,neighborhood relations,change of style,local custom civilization,social security,public welfare,etc.It not only inherits the traditional virtues,but also reflects the modern values,and plays a positive function of cultivating new style,guiding folk customs,resolving contradictions and disputes,adjusting interpersonal relations,regulating the words and deeds of villagers,maintaining social order and cultivating the spirit of the countryside.With the development of China's reform and opening-up,many new situations and problems have appeared in rural areas,family control has declined,class differentiation is solidified,social security is not ideal,interpersonal relations have mutated,"three forces" to the grass-roots penetration,wedding,funerals high-profile wedding,requiring us to strengthen the construction of rural rules and people in rural governance.In the new era to perfect and develop the rural rules and people's covenants,we must mobilize the villagers to participate widely,return to the rural autonomy standard,add new content in line with the modern values and the requirements of the times in the rural rules and people's covenants,make use of the rural rules and people's covenants,publicize the Party's policy of favoring the people,and highlight the characteristics of the village covenants,Achieving the goal of precise governance.At the same time,we should innovate and practice the form of the village covenant,focus on the implementation of the village covenant,so that everyone becomes the maker,maintainer and practitioner of rural rules and regulations,in order to achieve the goal of good governance in the countryside.
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