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Research On "Rural Hollowing" Of Village Managelment

Posted on:2017-12-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2336330488951525Subject:Administrative Management
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The core content of the management of village affairs is that the village committee authorized by the villagers Congress,under the democratic supervision of the majority of the villagers,to organize villagers making democratic decisions and management according to law.But with the rapid development of the city,a large number of rural population to urban migration,the villagers can't effectively participate in the management of the affairs of the village,the vast rural areas showing a "hollow"phenomenon,village management problem is heavy.In this paper,the ordinary but is representative of the Mabu Village,for example,through surveys and interviews,access to data and questionnaires,etc.,the integrity,objectivity and authenticity of the information and data.Through research and analysis,it is found that the village"hollow" is serious,in addition to the traditional sense of the population outflow,the collective economic development situation is not optimistic,the public service is a serious shortage of resources.Villages from the population,economy and community,and many other aspects of a "hollow" state.The study also found that,in addition to the objective of the collective economic development lag and lack of policy support,the village cadres management ability and the lack of subjective consciousness of the villagers are the causes of these problems.China has entered an important period of social construction,the vast rural areas is basis to support the rapid development of the country,the importance of democratic management of village affairs is self-evident.This paper puts forward some countermeasures for perfecting the management of village affairs from three aspects.First,material basis for decision superstructure,there is no good collective economic support,efficient management of village affairs can only be a castle in the air,the author from the vigorous development of the collective economy,encourage villagers self employment,and promote cooperation in the economic model three aspects of village district economy development countermeasures;secondly,in addition to the development of the economy and subjective awareness training also can't be ignored,the high quality of the village cadres and villagers is change in rural areas "hollow"status and improve the efficiency of village affairs management is the main driving force.Education is to enhance the quality of the most effective way,through the development of basic education to improve overall quality,rely on training to improve the villagers democratic consciousness and raise the level of management of village cadres of village affairs;finally,the establishment of reasonable to the village organization structure and perfect laws and regulations is the Democratic management of village affairs and the end of the security,in addition to the formulated village regulations and strictly enforced but also regulate an important means of village affairs management program.From the above-mentioned three aspects can effectively promote the level of village administration,improving the status of rural "hollow",to improve the competitiveness of the village domain,stimulate the vast rural areas potentials and provide a solid foundation for the development of the national economy.
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