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Promoting China-Nepal-India Trilateral Cooperation Under The South-South Cooperation Framework

Posted on:2021-01-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2416330629452123Subject:International politics
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Development cooperation is a powerful tool for a country's foreign policy.In recent years,tripartite cooperation projects and subjects participating in tripartite cooperation have been increasing all over the world,and tripartite cooperation has gradually become one of the important modes of international development cooperation.In the study of the development cooperation path of emerging donors,the tripartite cooperation has experienced a process from paying attention to the economic and technological cooperation between the North and the South to the development cooperation between the South and the South.As a new trend of development cooperation,the purpose of tripartite cooperation is to meet the development needs of the three parties and share the development experience of all parties.Today,under the framework of South-South cooperation,emerging donors are actively promoting the management and practice of tripartite cooperation in development cooperation with the improvement of their strength.Therefore,tripartite cooperation can be regarded as a new exploration of the development cooperation path of emerging donors.Since China put forward the "Belt and Road " initiative in 2013,the pattern of China's international development cooperation gradually presents the basic layout of "six corridors,six routes,many countries and many ports".In the South Asian region,the "China-Nepal-India Economic Corridor",as China goes deep into the hinterland of South Asia,is of great strategic significance to promote development cooperation among the three countries,realize the docking of Chinese and Indian markets,and promote sub-regional development cooperation.However,so far,the overall development trend of tripartite cooperation under the initiative of the China-Nepal-India Economic Corridor is lower than expected,and the progress is slow.Specifically,the trend of promoting the reform of the mode and path choice of tripartite cooperation between China and India under the frameworkof South-South cooperation is as follows:First,the path of China-Nepal-India trilateral development cooperation is still in the construction stage.At present,there is no mature cooperation mechanism among China,Nepal and India,and the proposal of tripartite cooperation is more based on bilateral relationship interaction and multilateral platform connection.Due to their geographical proximity,economic interdependence and the attributes of both developing countries,the three countries all have practical needs for development cooperation,such as infrastructure construction,connectivity,economic,trade and investment cooperation,and so on.However,the demand and contribution of China,Nepal and India to the tripartite cooperation are different,which is limited by the imbalance of the geopolitical power structure and the singleness of economic functionalism,and the influence of geopolitics on the tripartite development cooperation is far greater than that of the Geo-economy.China is an active advocate and promoter of tripartite cooperation,both the willingness to develop cooperation and the supply of developmental public goods are the most positive;Nepal is the strong demand side of tripartite cooperation,and India is the unstable factor of tripartite cooperation.India's sensitivity to security forces India's frequent lack of role as a "key power".Second,to promote the tripartite cooperation mechanism in the sub-region of China,Nepal and India,we need to change the existing mode of development cooperation between China and India,and draw lessons from the supply path of public goods in the sub-region.In the mode,that is,the situation of bilateral competitive development cooperation of the three countries has gradually changed to the bilateral,tripartite and tripartite cooperation of the three countries.In the path,according to the supply practice of sub-regional public goods,we need to play the role of a key big country in the main body of supply.enhance political mutual trust,divide the dominance of development-oriented public goods,strengthen the institutional construction of the supply mode,ensure the stability and predictability of tripartite cooperation,improve income expectations,link the supply content with tripartite development demand,complement each other,and enrich the content of tripartite cooperation.Obviously,the trilateral cooperation among China,Nepal and India under the framework of South-South cooperation plays an important role in improving the interactive dimension of the trilateral relationship between China,Nepal and India,regulating the structure of the trilateral power relationship,and reconstructing the trilateral interest relationship.Promoting the construction of China-Nepal-India tripartite cooperation path is not without inspiration for China to actively promote South-South cooperation and carry out more effective development cooperation.
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