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Research On The Reform Of Administrative Ex Amination And Approval System In Gaogang DistrictofTaizhou City

Posted on:2021-01-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2416330632953185Subject:Public management
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Administrative examination and approval is the basic means for Chinese government departments to manage administrative affairs.With the development of the market economy,how to better coordinate with the market mechanism to allocate resources,achieve social fairness and justice,protect the legitimate rights and interests of citizens,and promote social,economic,political,and cultural The harmonious development of China has become the focus of our country's attention.As an important means for the government to manage national affairs and interfere with economic development,how to improve and develop the administrative approval system has become the top priority of China's reform and development.Since the new Central Government came to power,in accordance with the general requirements of "simplification of administration and decentralization,decentralization and management,and optimization of services," the reform of the administrative examination and approval system has become a "hands-up" for advancing the reform of the administrative system and a "leader" for changing government functions.Repeated cancellation,decentralization,and adjustment of administrative examination and approval matters,promoted the development of simplified administration and decentralization,improved institutionalized regulatory rules,standardized administrative law enforcement,and optimized government services in order to continuously stimulate market vitality.This article analyzes the current status of the administrative review and approval system in Gaogang District from multiple perspectives through a variety of research methods such as literature research and empirical research.Strengthening the construction of administrative service intermediary social organizations,consolidating the foundation of grassroots undertakings,further promoting the standardization of administrative examination and approval,advancing online examination and approval,regulating the administrative examination and approval behavior of departments,and improving the administrative examination and approval supervision and other countermeasures.Existing problems and deficiencies,analyze their causes,and propose that we should start from establishing new administrative management concepts and socialist values,fully develop the market economy,stimulate social vitality,reform institutional settings,and transform government functions.Effective coordinated work mechanism,improving the supporting mechanism of administrative examination and approval projects and the administrative examination and approval supervision mechanism will deepen the reform of the administrative examination and approval system in Gaogang District.
Keywords/Search Tags:Administrative approval, Reform, Streamline administration and delegate powers
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