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Operation Study Of Yao Foundation In The Perspective Of Social Capital

Posted on:2019-04-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2417330545461911Subject:Humanities and sociology
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The purpose of this study is to analyze social capital and its characteristics and functions with Yao Foundation as a case,and to find out the problems highlighted in the process of social capital construction,and to comb the overall operation.Through the literature method,the participation observation method,the interview method and questionnaire to collect data,this paper mainly analyzes the operating basis,path and core of Yao Foundation,and combs out the social relations network of Yao Foundation,and sums up the ways and functions of norms and trust in the operation of Yao Foundation with different relationship types.The internal and external factors of capital accumulation will be analyzed and combined with specific projects to sort out problems,and suggestions for improving the mode.Through the study of the experience of Yao Foundation,the author draws the following conclusions:(1)Operating foundation of Yao Foundation in the perspective of social capital is its social network,in which China Youth Development Foundation and Communist Youth League Committee of China are the core of mobilizing resources embedded in interpersonal networks.The Yao Foundation's cooperative relationship network is rich,which facilitates the collection of large amounts of donations and provides sports hardware and software facilities for beneficial owner.The path of Yao Foundation's operation is mainly to "institutionalize" social networks through institutional constraints and reciprocal norms,and to transform the resources embedded in the network into social capital.In the end,Yao Foundation accumulated social capital through the formation of trust and achieved the goal of operating smoothly.(2)The internal factors that affect Yao Foundation's benign operation mainly include structural,resource,and institutional factors.External factors mainly include policy environment,history,and cultural.(3)Yao Foundation has advantages in resource influence and source of resources;There are shortcomings in network structure,network participation,centrality,institutional supply power,the formation of mutual benefit norms,and the formation of process trust.In particular,vertical network resources will bring abundant structural location resources,but also limit the accumulation of local social capital.
Keywords/Search Tags:Social capital, Yao Foundation, Operation, Sports, Public welfare
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