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An Implementation Effect Study Of "National Training Plan" Project Of Backbone Teachers Of Physical Education In Primary And Secondary Schools In Heilongjiang Province

Posted on:2019-07-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2417330545969036Subject:Education management
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A country is based on education,and education is based on teachers.The Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Finance jointly launched and implemented the "State Education Program " in order to improve the professional growth of primary and secondary school teachers in our country and promote the balanced development of compulsory education in 2010.In recent years,the meaning,training mode and existing problems of the "National Training Plan" have already been analyzed and discussed over the academic circles and more generous research results have appeared.However,research of the effect of implementing"State Education Program",In particular,the effect study using empirical research methods is less,and research on the effect of PE Teachers in Primary and Middle Schools is even less.Pimary and secondary school PE teachers who participated in the football training of campus in Heilongjiang in 20152017 were taken as subjects,this paper aims to investigate the effect of this national training project based on CIPP effect evaluation model.The paper has the literature review and interview,and puts forward the hypothesis,verifies the hypotheses,draws the conclusion and then proposes the logical sequence of the study.The CIPP assessment model is proposed by Stavropum,a appraisal expert.The model includes four parts:scenario assessment,input assessment,process assessment and outcome assessment.The CIPP assessment model presents policy makers with existing problems and directions for improvement through a comprehensive assessment process.Based on the CIPP assessment model theory,this paper builds a questionnaire about the implementation effect of CUP project,and verifies the scientific research tools through project analysis,exploratory factor analysis,reliability analysis and criterion validity analysis in order to understand the efects of State Education Program for physical education teachers in primary and secondary schools in Heilongjiang Province.The results show that training effect is excellent of the primary and secondary school PE teachers.Judged from the four assessment factors,achievement evaluation factor has the highest score,input assessment factor the lowest,but both exceed the theoretical average score and are at an excellent level.From the perspective of group differences,there is a certain difference in the training effect perceived by teachers in different genders,ages,teaching years and teaching stages,which provide guidance for the trainees in the future.Finally,the paper puts forward suggestions on how to improve the effect of State Education Program:trainees should be more inclined to be female and young teachers;the proportion of PE teachers should be more those in primary school;to perfect Requirement Survey System of PE teacher training project needs,to improve the demand fit degree,to construct the training method taking student participation as the main body and to set up a high-standard team of sports experts and so on.
Keywords/Search Tags:national training plan, implementation effect, CIPP, evaluation model
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