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Study On The Relationship Between Professional Sports Performances Of College Students' Psychological Resilience And Learning Burnout

Posted on:2019-09-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Resilience and learning burnout,as important personality traits that affect students' learning and life,can reflect students' psychological quality,such as emotion,cognition and concentration,as well as the related psychological factors in learning process,and play an important role in the development of students' learning and life.n this study,Wuhan Sports Institute students in sports art performance as the research object,using literature,expert interviews,psychological measurement,comparative analysis,mathematical statistics on sports performance professional students' psychological resilience and learning burnout characteristics of the overall situation of the investigation and analysis of different gender,grade,special,whether the student leaders and no difference between the experience of comparing relationship and explore the psychological resilience and learning burnout,find out the regularity,which lays a foundation for further study.Through this study,a new path is opened to improve students' academic performance,comprehensive quality and mental health.The results of the study are as follows:(1)The psychological resilience of students majoring in sports performance is in the upper and middle level.The positive cognitive value is the highest,while the average value of the goal focused dimension is the lowest,but the difference between the five dimensions is not obvious.The degree of learning burnout of college students majoring in sports and art performance is more serious,the average of the three dimensions is close,and the average value of the sense of achievement is the highest.(2)The boys' psychological resilience in sports art performance is better than that in girls.There are significant differences.Girls' family support dimension is higher than boys'.Boys' learning burnout is lower than girls',and there are significant differences in three dimensions.(3)Due to differences in learning environment and living environment,resilience and learning burnout are different among different grades.Resilience level is greater than grade 4,grade 3 is greater2 than grade 1,and learning burnout is 3,greater than 2,greater than1 or more than 4 grade(4)In sports art performance majors,the psychological toughness of sports dance is the best,while the rhythmic gymnastics is the worst,but the overall difference is not great.The learning burnout is greater than that of Dance Gymnastics,and that of sports dance is greater than that of aerobics.(5)Among the students majoring in sports performance,the resilience of student leaders is significantly higher than that of ordinary students.There is no significant difference in learning burnout.Generally speaking,student cadres' learning burnout is slightly higher than that of ordinary students.(6)The psychological resilience of college students majoring in sports performance is higher than those without working experience,while learning burnout is lower than those without working experience.(7)There is a significant negative correlation between the dimensions of psychological resilience and learning burnout among college students majoring in sports art performance.Resilience has a significant negative predictive effect on learning burnout,which has the greatest impact on low achievement.
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