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Research On The Impact Of Two Small-Field Training Methods On Aerobic Endurance Of Football Students In Sports Colleges

Posted on:2020-11-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2417330575961664Subject:Physical Education and Training
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Purpose: To provide targeted and scientific football aerobic endurance training methods for football grade teams and school teams in physical education schools,to design two different kinds of small venues competition training,and to explore its impact on athletes' aerobic endurance,so as to provide reference for the new methods of aerobic training for sports college students.METHODS: By using the methods of documentation,expert interview,experiment and mathematical statistics,16 students in class 2016 of Beijing Sports University were selected as the test subjects.The load monitoring and training of the aerobic training methods of the two combined balls were carried out by using the Polar Team 2 team heart rate test table and Catapult GPS equipment,and the YO-YO intermittent endurance test was used.The test method is used as the evaluation method and the experimental data are analyzed.Result:1.Before the experiment of the two training methods,it can be seen that both training methods are in accordance with the aerobic high-intensity training.The high-intensity heart rate ratio of the experimental group is 89.79%,and the control group is 93.07%.The experimental group is compared with the control group.The difference lies in the change of intermittent time.It can be seen from the Polar data graph that the difference in heart rate recovery during the interval is mainly due to the recovery of the experimental group and the recovery of the control group is becoming insufficient.2.In the first four weeks of the experimental group,the high-intensity ratio decreased from 88.22% in the first week to 72.97% in the fourth week,while the high-intensity ratio in the control group was 94.26% in the first week to the fourthweek.84.34% showed a downward trend.It can be seen from the comparison between the experimental group and the control group that there is a downward trend in high-intensity training.3.Technical and tactical aspects: Passing success rate of the experimental group was 66.82% in the first week to 71.82% in the fourth week,63.63% in the first week of the Lishao group and 72.18% in the fourth week.The success rate of the ball is on the rise.In terms of tactics: through video video observation and on-site observation,it can be seen that the players immediately sneaked back after losing the ball.The other players formed a man-to-man defense,and immediately opened the ball when attacking,forming a partial 2v1 form.4.In the final yo-yo intermittent endurance test,there was no significant difference between the test group and the control group before the test(p=0.719>0.1).There was no significant difference in the scores after the test(p=0.977>0.1).Before and after the experiment,the scores of the group before the experiment were 1580 m after the 1125 m test,and that of the control group before the experiment was 1680 m,which was 1680 m.In conclusion:1.In the pre-experiment,by analyzing the data in the small-field competition,we can know that the small-field competition of this experiment is in accordance with the training method of training method A(ie experimental group)and training method B(control group).The experimental group learned that the heart rate intensity of the experimental group showed a clear wavy curve,which was consistent with the aerobic high-intensity intermittent time and a more complete recovery training,while the control group showed a curve with the wavy curve approaching the straight line,indicating that the control group met.Train training settings for incomplete recovery.2.The intensity of high-intensity heart rate in the first four weeks of theexperimental group showed a gradual decrease,and there was a significant difference between the first week and the fourth week.In the second week of the experiment and the third week of the experiment,it showed adaptability.phenomenon.Through analysis,the video can be seen that the tactical behavior of the players in the small field game has changed from the beginning of the ball control to the ball-changing when the ball is taken to occupy the entire field.From the moment of losing the ball,it can be seen that the four people quickly The way in which the ball-handler oppresses becomes a way of man-to-man defense.Therefore,the change in tactics led to a decline in the high intensity ratio.3.The control group showed similar phenomena in the technical and tactical aspects as the experimental group.The tactical intention changed and the team members changed in the heart rate load intensity.However,the control group produced effects after three weeks due to the intermittent time decrease.The intersection at the load intensity appears at the intersection of the third week.In terms of the performance of the pass and catch data,the probability of passing the training of the small group game training method control group at this time has been improved to some extent.4.In the small field confrontation training,the distance indicator shows the training method of intermittent time reduction,that is,the training method that the control group is obviously higher than the intermittent time,that is,the experimental group,the high-intensity running,the change direction,and the decrease The number of accelerations is also higher than the training mode in which the intermittent time is constant,so the change in the training mode produces different training performances for the athletes.In the yo-yo test,there was a very significant change before and after the experimental group(p<0.01),and the data before and after the control group showed(p<0.01).There was also a very significant change,which indicated that the two trainings The method was significantly improved for both groups.Then,the yo-yo data of the posterior side of the experimental group and the posterior side of the control group were found to have no significant difference,but the increase of the control group(51%)was greater than that of the experimental group.The magnitude(41%)therefore indicates that the small-field competition with decreasing interval time has a more profound impact on athletes.
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