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Research On American Professional Boxing System From The Perspective Of New Institutional Economics

Posted on:2020-03-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2417330575961682Subject:Humanities and sociology
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Since the first professional boxing competition was held in 1992,China's professional boxing has developed for more than 20 years,and in 2015,China's professional boxing has also ushered in a period of great development.Four major professional boxing organizations have been stationed in China and promoted their respective professional boxing leagues,making China's boxing develop rapidly.Nevertheless,China's professional boxing still lags far behind the strength of the developed and powerful United States in terms of the number of boxers,performance and level of competition.This paper studies and analyses the professional boxing system through the methods of literature,mathematical statistics,historical analysis and comparative analysis.It studies the professional boxing system by using the new institutional economics system theory.Based on the analysis of the present situation of American professional boxing from the perspective of professional boxing organization,the number of boxers and the number of boxers,it advances the American professional boxing system according to the new institutional economics system theory.To study,analyze and summarize the structure of American professional boxing system.The conclusions of this paper are as follows:1.American professional boxing system can be divided into basic system,pivotal system and derivative system.The development of basic system is a process of historical evolution,and the formation process is slow,often in people's moral concepts and thinking ideas.As a pivotal link in the professional boxing system,the pivotal system is mainly embodied in the property right system of professional boxing.Derivative system,as the concrete embodiment of basic system and derivative system,mainly includes specific rules and regulations of professional boxing.2.The basic system exists in people's moral concepts and ideology.The basic system of American professional boxing mainly follows the relevant rules of British professional boxing and gradually merges into the local moral concepts and ideologyof the United States.These basic systems become a unified standard of conduct and greatly reduce transaction costs.3.Because professional boxing brings enormous benefits,how to protect the property rights of professional boxers,the most important theme of professional boxers from the institutional level,has been put on the agenda.There are three main aspects around the property rights protection measures of American professional boxers.One is to establish the principal-agent system and provide an orderly trading market.The second is the legal system,emphasizing the power of the State Sports Committee to protect the interests of boxers.Thirdly,at the organizational level of professional boxing,the legal documents should be implemented concretely to protect the rights of boxers while safeguarding their own interests.4.Derivative system,as the concrete embodiment of basic and pivotal system,promotes the orderly development of professional boxing in the United States under a series of rules and regulations of boxing organizations and regulators.The main rules and regulations are competition rules(turn system,weight grading system and weighing system),Championship clauses system,points ranking system and so on.Through the restriction of these specific systems,we can promote the orderly development of professional boxing in the United States.To promote the standardized and orderly development of professional boxing in the United States.
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