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Research On Institutional Environment Of Professionalization Of Sports In My Country From Perspective Of Institutional Change

Posted on:2012-02-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J J GuanFull Text:PDF
GTID:2217330338469856Subject:Humanities and sociology
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Economic development, social progress, growth in demand for sports, are all contributing factors for the development of professional sports and create a good environment. At present, in spite of some achievements in the development of professional sports, but in general, it is not highly professional, competitive level is also not high, the system of professionalization of sports is constantly being criticized. Based on this, this article studies on system environment of the professional sports through the use of North's theory of institutional change with the expectations for the development of professional sports providing valuable reference.The article starts analyzing from the background of professional sports and then expounds the formation and reform of China's "National System".Through analyzing the system changes in professional sports, the system of professional sports is incompatible with the socialist market economy ; with the current environment of China's sports , and comparison of the Western system of professional sports , the current system of professional sports has the drawbacks, and with the use of North's theory of institutional change, the article has the following conclusions:Based on property rights theory, the professionalization system make professional sports clubs truly establish the dominant position; based on Theory of the State , establish the government's macro functions, so that sports departments in the process of professional sports make management into indirect from the direct management in order to full release vocational Sports club initiative; based on ideological theory, the sports sector reform should focus on the direction of institutional innovation that meet the value of the dominant ideology, that is compatible with the socialist market economy, to ensure the smooth progress of physical education reform.
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