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Design And Implementation Of S College Student Learning Early Warning System

Posted on:2019-08-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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At present,the teaching management information system of higher education institutions is more of a kind of data accumulation,which does not improve the quality of teaching.Learning has always been a gradual process.Therefore,we must pay attention to the process of learning,otherwise the results obtained will not be authentic.The traditional teaching management system often ignores the importance attached to the process,which will lead to many problems in teaching,such as students' learning problems,teachers' teaching problems,school teaching management problems and so on.Because these problems cannot be promptly given early warning,it is impossible to find problems and give various interventions in the shortest time,nor can the teaching process return to the correct track,and finally achieve the optimal effect of teaching.The core function of the design system of this paper is the early warning operation for students' learning.The quality of its core functions will also be affected by the processing of early warning business,and it will also have a certain impact on the improvement of students' learning quality.Therefore,the system should conduct all aspects of the attendance scores,classroom performance scores and course module scores of each stage and teaching module.If it is the first stage of the assessment,there is no need to conduct in-depth analysis of the data,only the data is required to be scored according to failing,passing,good,excellent and so on.When conducting the assessment after the second stage,it is necessary to carry out in-depth analysis of the data,and compare the scores of the students in the previous three sections to analyze the recent learning situation of the students,and the students and grades with poor academic performance.Regressive students give early warning tips,and praise students who have consistently ranked top and progressed.After a certain period of time,the system's analysis of student achievement is more comprehensive and accurate,which is conducive to timely understanding of students' learning status and taking measures of criticism or praise,thus contributing to the improvement of students' learning quality.The use of the system will greatly improve the efficiency of student management,and at the same time,the student's learning situation can be timely grasped,timely warning,improve the overall level of students and the quality of school education.
Keywords/Search Tags:process learning, performance statistics, learning warning, B/S mode
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