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Research On The Choice And Strategy Of Financing Channels In Chinese Universities

Posted on:2019-07-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The basic function of an economic unit is to accumulate funds to ensure that the unit provides the financial needs for its products and services.Financing is an important part of economic unit operation.Colleges and universities need funds to accomplish social goals,namely providing scientific research works and education services.At present,China's universities have experienced rapid development and entered the stage of high quality development.The demand for financing channels in colleges and universities has changed from single financing channels to diversified financing channels.Finance is always considered as the lifeblood of a social unit,the reasonable usage of the financing channels can maximize cost-effectiveness,reduce the financing risk,get more business capital,support the healthy development,accomplish the enrollment expansion of colleges and universities social mission.This paper focuses on the historical process of financing channels in colleges and universities in China and introduces the historical background and existing forms of financing channels in colleges and universities.Using the theory of life cycle theory and capital cost management theory,this paper analyzes the financing channels of various stages of colleges and universities,evaluates the advantages and disadvantages of various financing channels and the risks.Through analyzing the practical cases of the S universities specifically,the paper evaluates the problem of financing channels in the historical process of colleges and universities in our country,and obstacles and challenges college encountering at the present stage of time,and provides the rationalization proposal strategy of financing channel choices for Chinese colleges and universities.
Keywords/Search Tags:Colleges and Universities, Financing Channels, Financing Strategy
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