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The Diverse Financing Channels Research Institutions In Our Country

Posted on:2016-06-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The construction of campus education fund shortage is a prominent problem facing the development of higher education. Depending on the financial investment at the same time, many colleges and universities are looking for a simple and quick way, so how to establish the subject status of institutions of higher learning financing and promote the diversification of financing in colleges and universities?Along with our country the development of higher education and the shortage of education funds serious contradictions increasingly prominent. Rely on the funding has been unable to maintain own construction and development of colleges and universities. Research and analysis the current status quo and problems of financing in colleges and universities, as when the financing way of universities in the United States and Japan, discusses the financing channels of innovation in colleges and universities may appear very necessary in the current.This paper expounds the concept of financing and financing system of colleges and universities, combined with the present financing situation, summarize the difficulty of financing in colleges and universities, introduces the BOT, BT and land replacement, new campus construction for colleges and universities to provide some reference.The purpose of this paper is to hope to be able to in the enterprise financing experience can be used in the development of financing in colleges and universities, in the end in diversified financing channels for colleges and universities to offer help.
Keywords/Search Tags:colleges, financing, The financing channels, Diversification, BOT.Land replacement
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