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Research On Multi-channel Financing Of Private Colleges In Guangxi

Posted on:2019-05-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2417330545467147Subject:Educational Economy and Management
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In recent years,the rapid development of private higher education has effectively alleviated the government's fiscal deficits in education,expanded the effective supply of higher education,and also met the diversified needs of society in education.It has changed the single monopoly of state investment in higher education from a long time ago,broadened the channels for financing higher education and increased the investment in higher education.Therefore,it is of great strategic significance to rely on social forces to open up new financing channels for education and raise funds for the development of private colleges and universities as well as the entire higher education system.Through the horizontal and vertical quantitative analysis of the data of eleven private colleges and universities in Guangxi region,this paper analyzes the reasons for the difficulties in raising funds for private colleges and universities,and puts forward some suggestions to promote the development and exploration of civilian-run colleges in Guangxi and standardize the development of private education.To solve the current problems in the development of private higher education needs to crack,inspire and guide private capital in higher education investment,promote the healthy development of private colleges and universities play a role.The paper takes the financing channels of private colleges and universities as the research object,and analyzes the current situation,proposes problems,and solves research problems.First of all,for the key research direction of this article,the relevant concepts are defined and the theoretical basis is introduced.Second,the status quo of multi-channel fundraising in private universities in Guangxi is described.From the point of view of the source of funds,the main sources of private-sector education funding in Guangxi are business income,national fiscal education funding,organizer investment,social donation funds,and tuition and miscellaneous fees,etc.,accounting for a small proportion of other sources of funds;and for organizers and governments.And the analysis of the share of society in the investment of private colleges and universities in Guangxi,and the analysis of the sources of funds and the multi-channel funding methods of private colleges and universities in Guangxi using survey data.Then,the paper analyzes in detail the internal dilemma faced by the multi-channel fundraising process of private colleges and universities in Guangxi,which mainly includes:tuition revenue is dominant;government support is small;bank loan acquisition is difficult;the depth and breadth of school-enterprise cooperation is not enough;Industrial and social services are difficult to generate income;funding methods lack innovation.The main reasons for the aforementioned financing dilemma were internal and external analysis.Specifically,external reasons are:insufficient support;inadequate social donation mechanisms;unclear attribution of property rights;unclear profitability attributes;The internal reasons are:the debt repayment ability is not strong,it is difficult to obtain loans;the quality of running schools is not high,and it is difficult to attract funds.Finally,through the analysis of the methods and characteristics of the multi-channel financing of privately-owned universities in developed countries,the authors summarize the experience from the perspective of the organizers and the government,and propose policy suggestions to expand the multi-channel financing of private universities.
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