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Multiple Studies University New Campus Construction Project Financing Channels

Posted on:2013-09-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:K W TangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2247330374979525Subject:Project management
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Higher education of China develops rapidly since1999, when most ofuniversities expand enrollment, many students can get an offer from universities. Butit was followed with a serious shortage of educational resources and campus. So it isvery urgent to expand the campus, build a new college campus, and buy teachingequipment in quantity. However, building new campus is a double-edged sword. Onone hand, it can help universities to improve their running conditions, guarantee thequality of teaching, provide more development chance for higher education, andrelease the enormous pressure from the enrollment expansion. On the other hand,budgetary spending on education nationwide is so limited that universities must faceproblems of raising huge amounts of money on new campus construction. How tomeet the huge demand of funds for new campus construction, has become thecommon focus issues of our government, universities and social, diversifiedfinancing channels of universities resulted.Under this kind of background, we researched diversified financing channelsfor new campus construction as follows:Firstly, it points out the main problems during the new campus building,and describes the necessary of broadening the financing channels urgently.Secondly, the situation of financing in universities of four developedcountries, such as the United States, Britain, South Korea, Japan, was introduced and three ideas of financing in universities of China have been obtained.Thirdly, the status quo of the main financing channel in our new campusconstruction and accompanying problems are analyzed from following sixaspects: special financial allocation for education, tuition and fees, bank loans,research and service income, school-run industry revenue and social donations.And then, we explored the financing channels for new campusconstruction, and three feasible project financing models, such as BOT, BT, and asset replacement models new financing models were selected for furtherresearch. On the basis of the existing project financing models, three innovatemodels were raised: combination model of BOT and TOT, institutionalizedsocial donation model and internal employee financing method.
Keywords/Search Tags:university, new campus construction, financing channels, pluralism
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