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Research On The Discovery Of Guiyang Youth Sports Club

Posted on:2020-11-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L F DuanFull Text:PDF
GTID:2417330596479977Subject:Physical Education and Training
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In recent years,the rise of China's youth sports clubs has sprung up,and the number of registrations has reached more than 2,000.These sports clubs rely on schools and interactive development to ensure that the sun sports activities are implemented,to cultivate young people's interest in sports,and to promote youth.The mastery of sports skills,comprehensively improve the level of youth sports literacy and physical fitness in China,play a functional role.The rapidly developing youth sports clubs have many problems for research and governance in terms of system and organization,operation and management,training and teaching,teachers and members.Investigating the development status of Guiyang Youth Sports Club,discovering its existing problems,finding its crux,exploring the cause of the problem,and studying its countermeasures are the purpose of this research.The research used the literature method,questionnaire survey method,mathematical statistics method,interview method and other research methods to investigate and analyze the development status of Guiyang Youth Sports Club.The research results show that the construction and development trend of youth sports clubs in China is improving.Sports clubs have become an important means and method for young people in China to improve their physical fitness.They help to discover sports seedlings and select reserve sports talents.The basic situation of Guiyang Youth Sports Club is: the distribution of concentrated and developed regions,the overall title of teachers is more reasonable,but still presents a lower level of business,younger participants are younger and account for a greater proportion of voluntary participation.High,the club's operating conditions are not very optimistic.The operation of the youth sports clubs in Guiyang has problems such as narrow income-generating channels,cavitation of laws and regulations,poor management system,and lack of incentive mechanisms.According to the above problems,it is proposed to solve the development dilemma of Guiyang Youth Sports Club from the improvement of management system and organizational construction,strengthen the cultivation of teachers and business backbones,expand the value and participation of publicity channels,expand the content of activities and participate in interactive experiences,and broaden The financing channel raises funds to support and optimize the site equipment to achieve the purpose of improving application efficiency.To open up markets at all levels and expand the industry,the youth clubs can embark on a virtuous circle and a sustainable development path of self-survival.
Keywords/Search Tags:school sports, sports club, sports organization, youth, Guiyang City
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