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Investigation And Analysis On Current Situation Of College Students Sports Lifestyle In Guiyang City

Posted on:2019-03-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2417330566968548Subject:Sports teaching
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With the rapid development of society and the continuous improvement of science and technology,people's lifestyle is undergoing tremendous changes.The fast pace of life makes most modern people live in two lines,work pressure,eat fast food,and do not have enough time and energy to do proper exercise.Therefore,the sub health problems of modern people are becoming more and more serious.In this development,the functions and attributes of sports are becoming more and more.It's changing people's ideas.A civilized,healthy and scientific way of life is gradually being valued.According to the development goal of "medium and long term youth development plan(2016-2025 years)" : continuously improving the level of nutrition and health of young people and the level of physical health,the rate of young people's physical fitness is not less than 90%.College physical education is an important way to carry out quality education and develop all-round talents.It is also the most important of life-long sports.A decisive intermediate link.Strengthening physical fitness,improving health and promoting the all-round development of College Students' physical and mental development are the basic tasks and fundamental goals of physical education in Colleges and universities.This is also the fundamental motive force to carry out physical education in Colleges and universities.Therefore,the study of College Students' sports life style makes college students form a sports life adapted to the actual life in the university period.In order to improve their physical quality and mental health,we should establish good exercise habits and lay the foundation for lifelong sports.The study takes the sports life style of college students in Guiyang Province as the research object,and uses the interview method,logical analysis method,mathematical statistics method and questionnaire survey method.The results of the study show that:1.The first three sports values of college students in Guiyang province are strong,psychological and friendship,but they are not deeply aware of the sports value of cultivating will and competition.There are also differences between male and female students in sports values.The students' interest in sports is higher than that of the girls.2.Fitness walking and jogging has become the most frequent exercise item in Guiyang provincial universities.There are also differences between boys and girls in project selection.Boys prefer basketball and football with strong antagonism and high activity.Girls prefer sports that are less direct in sports and less direct confrontational.There are more girls in badminton and aerobics.3.The sports population of college students in Guiyang province is about 59.5%.The exercise time is 30-60 minutes each time,1-2 times a week,and the intensity of each sports is medium intensity.4.The main consumption of college students in Guiyang province is sports consumption,followed by sports information consumption,sports labor consumption,sports consumption in the direction of diversification,college students' economic source is single,and the overall level of sports consumption is not high.5.The time of physical exercise in Guiyang provincial universities is mostly physical exercise in the afternoon or evening after the end of the day.The form of physical exercise is mainly with students.Schools organize,participate in sports associations,and choose the main places to participate in sports activities.They are free places in schools.6.The main factors restricting the participation of college students in Guiyang province are as follows: Unaccompanied company,self laziness,lack of perseverance,great pressure of study,problems of sports field,lack of interest and lack of corresponding guidance.7.Guiyang provincial colleges and universities have an effect on physical and mental health changes after exercise,and their overall satisfaction after physical exercise is high.Boys in physical exercise after physical change is significantly higher than girls.According to the sports lifestyle of Guiyang provincial universities,the following suggestions are put forward.1.We should strengthen the guidance of students' sports values and promote the formation of students' lifelong physical education.2.We should strengthen the construction of campus sports culture and create a good sports atmosphere.3.Establish and improve the guidance system of extracurricular sports activities in Colleges and niversities.4.We should reform the content of physical education and establish a scientific examination and evaluation system for sports lifestyle.
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