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The Study On Youth Sports Club Countermeasures In Shanghai

Posted on:2008-01-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the establishment of the socialist market economic system and the full implementation of the development trend of quality education, China Youth Sports Clubs cause is gradually undergoing changes, is to embark on the path of sustainable development. The use of management science, sociology, economics and other scientific principles Youth Sports Club on issues related to conduct in-depth analysis and discussion, reserve personnel training and youth sports focus on solving the importance of sports clubs and youth sports behavior is limited in vivo Teaching a single functional education, youth sports clubs make it difficult to build a sustained and stable development of the real contradictions, Youth Sports Club in order to propose ways of establishing the rule of law in sports management in the long-term and stable development of expectations, avoid short-term policy recommendations.The study was based on the literature review, a questionnaire survey, mathematical statistics, logic analysis, case studies and comparative analysis, the choice of some economically developed areas in Shanghai schools community organizations and individuals to form part of the Youth Sports Club for the main study. In the youth sports clubs at home and abroad on the basis of theoretical viewpoints. All types of schools at all levels of the Shanghai Youth Sports Club status, management, business model, Analysis of the quality of services such as conducting an in-depth, the basic conclusions of this study :1. China Youth Sports Club to guarantee a perfect sports management system and support Youth Sports Club to establish the rule of law in sports management and sports management of the scientific basis to formulate corresponding provisions Bill to scientific, legal management to build the future Youth Sports Clubs Youth Sports Clubs and the mainstream of development.2. The Constitution and the corresponding improvement in the initial Youth Sports Club on the basis of regulations, Youth Sports Club to establish a management system for the management of sports clubs for young design If equipped with club management, club management division of functions, and mode of operation of the capital club. Club marketing and development, quality of service clubs, such as the allocation of resources and clubs. .3. Institutionalize the rule of law is the only way for the development of youth sports club. Youth Sports Clubs can sustainable and healthy development of youth clubs, the key is to institutionalize legal only from the school sports environment policy, institutional and legal aspects of building an all-round, sports clubs for young people in physical education, physical training and sports training, sports competitions, sports, train personnel to create equal development opportunities of fair competition. Youth Sports Club will be a promising development. To ensure that young people play their own sports club and the multiple functions of ensuring the healthy development of youth sports club. Uniting youth sports club should standardize the management system, rewards and punishments, discipline, planning and development system, a series of sound system service quality supervision system, we can guarantee the work of youth sports clubs, there are plans to continue to develop.4. Sports Club regionalization of resources to solve the current tension is one of the effective measures. My initial use of the youth sports club sports lottery welfare fund, but once the State Sport General Administration of support, of the newly established club, the venue, equipment, staffing levels, there are many problems. To alleviate these problems, as far as possible, put clubs in this study regionalization, the proposed integration.5. Youth sports club operator integrates teaching, training, fitness, entertainment and rest for a variety of functions such as integration, have to focus on school sports, community sports, the national fitness program, athletics and other utility services can be divided into three models : First-teaching and training youth sports clubs; Second, fitness and leisure-based youth sports clubs; Third Comprehensive Youth Sports Club.6. According to our different parts of the economy, sports, school, family circumstances fit local conditions and requirements of the development of the District Youth Sports Club, the operation in different ways. 7. Youth Sports Clubs set up seven projects difference. All school sites, the equipment is particularly activities should be of interest to young students, love to set up for the core that can attract young students to participate in club activities.8 . Youth Sports Club community services. In the club activities, the quality of services provided by the club membership level direct impact on the perception of the quality of service members, to formulate and improve the quality of service management system.9 . Youth Sports Club's market. Youth Sports Clubs must unswervingly take the road of the community, to walk the path of market-oriented, Only the market can establish a club virtuous cycle of self-survival and development of the operating mechanism.
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