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Research On H University's Security Social Project Quality Control Research

Posted on:2019-01-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2417330599477585Subject:Project management
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In recent years,with the expansion of college enrollment and the reform of the socialization of university logistics,the campus security service outsourcing model has replaced the traditional campus security,and has been used more and more widely in the domestic universities.Through the outsourcing of the campus security services,the division of responsibilities,rights and interests between the university and the security company is determined by the "security contract".The security department of the university still maintains the original political security tasks.The security company is supervised and guided by the school.The security company will undertake the specific tasks of security management.Although the university's security service outsourcing project has provided great convenience for the reform of logistics management,the actual situation and specific problems are not clear.This paper combines international and domestic background,and studies the university's security socialization.Selecting the H university as the research object,this paper understands the implementation of the campus security outsourcing project,and uses the management system to sort out and standardiz e the security outsourcing project.Firstly,the characteristics and management of the security service outsourcing project are analyzed,and the quality control system of the current security service outsourcing project is introduced.Based on questionnai res and interviews,we analyze the current operation and existing problems of security services,and point out that we should improve contact quality,operation quality and feedback quality.Secondly,based on the idea of life cycle theory,and on the premise of defining the basic principles and objectives of the security services,the paper puts forward the improvement scheme of contact quality,operation quality and feedback quality control of campus security outsourcing projects.Thirdly,in order to ensure the quality of security services to improve,we put forward safeguard measures in concept,culture,mechanism and system.Finally,the entropy method and fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method are used to quantitatively evaluate the quality control plan.
Keywords/Search Tags:Campus security, Security service outsourcing project, Service quality, Quality control
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