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Research On The Influence Of Service Outsourcing On The Quality Management Of Logistics Service In Universities

Posted on:2021-03-31Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2427330647462320Subject:Business management
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As the market competition becomes more and more fierce,universities need to optimize the allocation of their limited resources and enhance their unique core competitiveness in order to develop themselves.It is the core competitiveness that determines their development direction and resources,within which whether the profound logistics service system is at its best function plays a significant role.By means of outsourcing service,universities can contract some of the logistics services to professional service outsources to conduct relevant management,so that they can better coping with the external changes and challenges.With the improvement of the market economy system,service outsourcing of logistics has become an important way to upgrade the universities' service quality,so the behavior research based on consumer preference can help universities better manage their outsourcing services so as to meet the consumer demand.Taking the service outsourcing in university as the research object,this study analyzes the influence of the features of outsourcing service quality including tangibility,reliability,responsiveness,assurance,and empathy as well as the risk control have an impact on the quality of universities' logistics service management,through referencing related theories of service outsourcing,and establish suitable service quality evaluation.Firstly,it introduces the research background and significance of the service outsourcing in universities.Then,based on the application of service outsourcing theory,service quality theory,customer satisfaction and repurchase relationship in the service outsourcing of universities,it designs questionnaires,conducts surveys and collects relevant data.Thirdly,by using the methods of literature review,questionnaire and statistical analysis,it finds out that features of outsourcing service quality such as tangibility,reliability,responsiveness,assurance,and empathy as well as the risk control have a positive impact on the quality of universities' logistics service management.In the process of implementing service outsourcing,demonstrating physical service(tangibility),ensuring service capabilities(reliability),offering timely help(responsiveness),winning the customer trust(assurance),providing personalized service(empathy)and conducting risk control of service quality by universities all have a significant positive impact on the consumer satisfaction in the scenario of university.In addition,statistical analysis shows that the overall service quality of service outsourcing will not improve rapidly even if the service content that needs to wait and respond for a long time in the item is improved.Statistical analysis shows that in terms of tangibility,the neat and tidy appearance and good spirits of outsourcing service personnel have a relatively small positive impact on the management of logistics service quality,while the satisfaction of service quality in universities has a direct positive effect on customers' repurchase.Finally,based on the relationship between service quality and customer satisfaction,establish the evaluation of the quality of university logistics service.Analysis of the difference between customer perception and expectation value to find the relevant factors existing in the quality of logistics service,to provide reference and theoretical basis for the improvement and management of service quality.Therefore,it is suggested that as encouraging service outsourcing in universities becomes a trend,it is vital to pay more attention to clean and complete service facilities,detailed lists of services and regulations for publicity and guidance,fair and accurate operations,excellent work capacity and professional ethics of the staff in conducting service outsourcing,with a view to improving the quality of the logistics service in universities in different ways.
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