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Rural Youth’s Change And Dilemma Of Love And Marriage In Transformation Period

Posted on:2017-05-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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T village is a very ordinary village in mountain area. In the village T, marriage not only a constant topic in villager’s life, but also a inevitable phase of life for rural youth. The most of rural youth once worked and experienced re-socialization in the city, their behavior on love and marriage are deeply influenced by the modern society, but they would get married in the countryside. So, in the period of social transformation, rural youth’s marriage is both the continuation of traditional factors and infiltration of modern factors. Some new changes have taken place in their marriage, they also faced many problems.Research methods mainly based on the non-standardized interviews, and related resources of anthropology and sociology in the relevant methods and theory of marriage. Through these interviews, I find that rural youth’s attitudes to love and marriage with a blend of traditional and modern characteristics:the standard of spouse selection is pluralistic, the way of spouse selection is diversified, and the scope of spouse selection is demonstrated the coexistence of expansion and involvement; their concept of love and marriage has distinctive characteristics of the time. Their love and marriage dilemma mainly reflected in three stages:mate selection, get married, married life, especially in married life, there are three factors:economic plight, the problems of role transformation and the predicament interpersonal interaction. The above three factors influence the marital stability of T village youth.Rural youth’s marriage dilemma is caused by three factors:individuals, families, social culture. It is mainly include low income, lower educational level, the prevalence of individualism in individual factor. Secondly, the small family structure and the transference of the center of families living consumption in rural area, it makes young people occupied more and more resources in the family. Parents’ support and help for their children to made them become more and more dependent on their parents. The socio-cultural factors which caused rural youth’s marriage dilemma mainly included social custom and public pressure, and the widespread of modern concept of marriage.In order to resolve rural youth’s marriage dilemma, they must do a good job in their own adjustment and make plan for future development. Secondly, the government should to strengthen the policy guidance for rural youth’s development, broaden the way to employment, and increase their income. Finally, we must make use of some concrete measures to solve rural youth’s marriage dilemma.
Keywords/Search Tags:Rural youth, Mate selection, The concept of love and marriage, The dilemma of love and marriage
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