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Research On Service Quality And Consumer Satisfaction

Posted on:2021-04-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2427330605464268Subject:Physical Education Teaching
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Under the background of rapid economic development,economic structure transformation and the gradual rise of people's consumption level,sports industry has been paid more and more attention by the Party and the state.From the golf return to the Olympic Games in 2016 to the "13th Five-Year Plan "issued by the Golf Association in 2017,golf is no longer considered a noble sport,defined as a characteristic fashion sport.But since the establishment of China's first golf club in 1914,the development of the club is still slow,the market competition is fierce,and the management is extensive.Research on Golf Club Service Quality and Consumer Satisfaction Music department management provides theoretical reference and can provide advice on improving the service quality of the club at the practical level,with a view to improving consumer satisfaction and enhancing its competitiveness in the golf market.In this study,289 consumers of Wuhan Golf Club were investigated,and six Wuhan Golf Club,such as Oriental Golf Club,Tianwai Tian Golf Club and Yishan Golf Club,were studied to study the service quality and consumer satisfaction of the club.According to the characteristics of Wuhan Golf Club,the quality scale of golf club service was compiled by means of literature,questionnaire,interview and mathematical statistics.Take the consumer as the main body,to analyze the golf club consumer structure and the consumption motive,as well as the consumer expectation quality and perception quality gap analysis,demographic variables on the club service quality difference analysis to explore the relationship between golf club service quality and consumer satisfaction.The study draws the following conclusions and recommendations:1.In terms of the structure of golf club consumers and the characteristics of consumption motivation,the age of golf club consumers is mainly between 30 and 39 years old,the education level is mostly undergraduate and above,and has a higher fixed income male group,this part of the consumer group has a strong sense of exercise,social,business development and networking needs.2.there are significant differences in consumers' expectation and feeling of service quality,there are significant differences in consumers' expectation and feeling of service quality at 5 levels of golf club and its 21 observation indexes,among which the gap of tangible level is the largest.Among the 21 observation indicators,the gap of "information about the club can be easily obtained from the Internet" is the club service quality and consumer satisfaction significantly positive correlation,in the club five levels of service quality tangible to consumer satisfaction interpretation of the greatest strength,followed by reliability,empathy,credibility and sensitivity.4.the consumer demographic characteristics have significant differences in the service quality of golf clubs,consumers with different gender and education have significant differences in the service quality of golf clubs,but consumers with different occupations and ages have no significant differences in the service quality of golf clubs.According to the conclusions of this study,four suggestions are put forward:(1)to focus on promoting the improvement of service quality,especially the level of large gap between expected and actual perceived service quality and the level with the greatest impact on the evaluation of overall service quality.(2)To establish a reasonable price system,it is necessary to make reasonable pricing according to the club's weak peak season,the consumer's acceptance ability and the different periods of the day.(3)Timely understanding of the needs and expectations of consumers and the establishment of a quality of service management system,the management of club quality of service from experience to standard,professional and institutional.(4)Rational Use of Golf Phase Policies to improve the club's service items,according to the State Council Office issued by the development of fitness and leisure industry and other policies to improve youth consumer services and the promotion of golf-related projects.
Keywords/Search Tags:golf club, service quality, satisfaction, PZB model
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