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Research On The Bottleneck And Countermeasures Of Improving The Quality About Newly-built Private Undergraduate Colleges

Posted on:2021-02-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2427330605961591Subject:Principles of Education
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Ensuring and improving the quality is the foundation of the development of new undergraduate colleges.In particular,the development of newly-built private undergraduate colleges mainly depends on the source of students,and improving the quality is an important guarantee for the sustainable,stable and orderly development of schools.Therefore,student-centered and paying attention to the development of students should be the key to improving the quality of running a school.Quality not only relates to the quality of school running and teaching,but also to the quality of student cultivation.Among them,teaching quality is the foundation of student cultivation and school running quality.The quality of student cultivation is the objective of school running quality and teaching quality.Newly built private undergraduate colleges refer to the private colleges and universities that have been upgraded after 2000,which are mainly composed of private specialized colleges upgraded to private undergraduate programs,independent colleges transferred to private undergraduate programs and newly built private undergraduate programs.This paper studies the new private undergraduate college mainly aiming at the new private undergraduate college which promoted by the private junior college.The foundation of this kind of schools is relatively weak,and the proportion in newly-built undergraduate colleges is gradually decreasing.Although newly-built private undergraduate colleges are self-raised funds and running schools independently,the quality of running schools also needs to be supervised by Ministry of Education.In order to better standardize and guide the development of newly-built undergraduate colleges,the Ministry of Education has gradually carried out undergraduate teaching qualification assessment(hereinafter referred to as qualification assessment)for newly-built undergraduate colleges since 2011.In the past ten years,the evaluation has made some initial achievements in pinpointing the orientation,promoting infrastructure construction,faculty construction and teaching management level of newly-built private undergraduate colleges.Through literature review and interview,this study attempts to figure out the bottleneck that restricts the quality improvement of newly-built private undergraduate colleges.Through the investigation of three newly-built private undergraduate colleges,and interviewing eight teaching administrators to find out the main factors restricting the improvement of school quality in the three schools.On the one hand,there are common constraints such as lack of internal quality guarantee mechanism,insufficient investment in teaching funds,incomplete structure and quantity of teaching staff,etc.In addition,newly built private undergraduate colleges usually recruit students in the third batch,and students' basis before admission,learning attitude and learning habits are generally weaker than those of other colleges and universities.Therefore,the source of students and the students' current learning situation in newly-built private undergraduate colleges are also the main restricting factors.On the other hand,from the perspective of social environment,quality view and talent view,external evaluation system and other aspects,there are also external constraints on the quality improvement of new private undergraduate colleges.This study relies on stakeholder-related theory and outcome-oriented theory.The internal and external constraints on the quality improvement of newly-built private undergraduate colleges are attributed to the lack the attention to the students development by both the internal school-running ideas and the external evaluation concept.Only by combining the actual situation of the students and from the perspective of student development,can the quality of newly-built private undergraduate colleges be effectively improved.Properly positioning the quality of newly-built private undergraduate colleges is an essential condition.At the present stage,the running quality of newly-built private undergraduate colleges is obviously polarized.Most of newly-built private undergraduate colleges are still in the stage of blindly pursuing the running scale and reputation,and it is difficult to take the development of students as the running quality of the school.Through interviews with three newly built private undergraduate colleges,this study finds that new private undergraduate colleges attach great importance to the results and process of qualified assessment,strictly follow the guidance of qualified assessment,and meet the requirements of qualified assessment according to the standards of qualified assessment.There are also a lot of studies show that most of the newly-built private undergraduate colleges take the qualification assessment as a good opportunity for quality improvement.Therefore,this study takes external qualification assessment as the main approach in terms of countermeasures to improve the running quality of newly-built private undergraduate colleges.In this study,the development and status quo of qualification assessment were clarified to understand the content and form of qualification assessment,and the evaluation system of qualification assessment was analyzed through CIPP evaluation theory.Quality improvement countermeasures due to internal establish long-term quality assurance mechanism,increased investment in teaching funds,the teaching staff construction,the internal administration of quality supervision,etc.through the establishment of diversified education quality views,external perfect assessment system,transformation of qualified evaluation concept,shifting the focus of assessment from the educational resources,teachers' teaching level to students' development,Making it clear that students learning situation and learning effect.This paper further introduces the experience of assessment evaluation based on students' learning effect in Taiwan universities,and expounds its feasibility and effectiveness for quality improvement.Expecting by changing the qualified assessment,which guiding newly-built private undergraduate colleges based on application-orientation of school-running,on the basis of reasonable positioning school quality connotation,further refine students core ability and put these core competence into practice of cultivating scheme and curriculum,and run the core competence through in and on class.At the same time,Increasing the process evaluation of core competence,and strengthening the evaluation content of student development and learning effect.At the same time,can actively master students' learning dynamics by external evaluation tools(such as CCSS application-oriented College questionnaire)and other methods,to find and diagnose problems from the perspective of students,so as to improve the newly-built private undergraduate colleges quality.
Keywords/Search Tags:new private undergraduate college, quality improvement, undergraduate teaching qualification assessment, student learning outcomes
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