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The Strategy Research On The Improvement Of Undergraduate Teaching Quality In The Field Of Teacher-student Interaction

Posted on:2018-01-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2347330518998621Subject:Higher Education
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As the main body of the higher education practice,colleges and universities has ontological significance for the quality of undergraduate education.At the same time,it plays a major role in assuming and functioning the talent development.Teachers and students are the two basic elements in the higher education system.The effective teacher-students interaction highlights the essential attributes of the behavior subjects based on the classroom teaching and extra-curricular exchanging.Meanwhile,it is the obvious feature and traditional core concept of the high-level undergraduate education in domestic and foreign.This paper aims to explore the strategies of undergraduate teaching quality in the research-oriented university under the view of interaction between teachers and students.Based on the literature review of teacher-student relationship and interaction research,this article summarizes its essence and theoretical basis.The teacher-student interaction is a complex of pedagogical discourse and educational practice.Its theoretical status is the logical growth point in the course of curriculum and pedagogy.Simultaneously,it is also derived from the disciplinary concepts in other fields and reflects the basic education and talent cultivation law.In addition,the connotation,type,style and influencing factors of the teacher-student interaction are also briefly discussed.In the context of science,the academic discourse power of teacher-student interaction is under control of the undergraduate teaching situation in practice.The undergraduate teaching quality report is a major component and initiative of the university information disclosure in recent years.After the text analysis and statistics of approximately 200 reports,the results reflects the widespread lack of teacher-student interaction in universities.On the other side,there is plenty of evidence to show that positive teacher-student interaction forms and initiatives plays an important role in improving the quality of undergraduate teaching.Faced of this situation,combining in-depth analysis of the causes with historical tradition is about to increase the theoretical thickness.Thus,in order to seek the synergy relationship between the quality of education and the development of talent and the significance of a comprehensive human,the research perspective extends to ancient Chinese academy,"tutor system","new seminar" Etc.The philosophical orientation of educational research points to the perfection of theory and the reflection and criticism of practice.To enhance the quality of undergraduate teaching,this paper proposes some strategies based on the standpoint of universities and teachers from the perspective of the teacher-student interaction.We hope that the system of teacher promotion will be "ice-breaking",pay attention to the development of teachers' teaching and learning,reform curriculum and teaching methods,promote small classes.Teachers should update their concepts,clear and construct the teacher-oriented and student-centered collaborative relationship,follow with interest in self-teaching development,control classroom interaction.For instance,we can create problem-related situations,carefully design the problem,pay attention to the art of language and questioning Etc.At the same time,the school authorities should increase the platform and opportunities for interaction,such as the establishment of "Professor" lunch appointment or reception days for students to get answers to all kinds of confusion.
Keywords/Search Tags:Teacher-students Interaction, Undergraduate Education, Undergraduate Teaching Quality, Tutor System, Ancient Chinese Academy
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