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Practical Research On Group Work Intervention In Emotional Management Of Elderly Patients With Chronic Diseases

Posted on:2021-05-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2427330611465020Subject:Social work
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With the increasing aging in China,the health problems of the elderly are becoming increasingly prominent.By the end of 2018,there are more than 150 million elderly people with chronic diseases in China.The incidence rate of chronic non communicable diseases(chronic diseases)has become one of the primary diseases and major public health problems threatening human health.Chronic diseases not only make the elderly in a long-term unhealthy state,but also make them face the changes of life and social environment brought by diseases,which easily lead to psychological gap and difficulties in role adaptation,thus leading to psychological imbalance,forming a series of negative emotional problems such as anxiety,pessimism and negativity.Therefore,it is of theoretical and practical significance to pay attention to the emotional management of elderly patients with chronic diseases,and to strengthen the research and intervention on the negative emotional problems of elderly patients with chronic diseases.It is of great importance to promote the health management of the elderly and improve the quality of life of the elderly in their later years.Based on this starting point,this paper,based on social support theory and activity theory,conducts practical research on emotional management of elderly patients with chronic diseases by means of group work method,and tries to explore effective ways of emotional management for elderly patients with chronic diseases.This study first through questionnaires and interviews to understand the status of negative emotions of elderly patients with chronic diseases in C community,and compared with non chronic disease elderly patients,healthy elderly people and non elderly patients with chronic diseases,we found their special negative emotional problems and needs,and discussed the necessity and feasibility of group work intervention.Secondly,according to the survey of emotional problems and needs of elderly patients with chronic diseases,a targeted group program was designed,and the methods and skills of group work were used to intervene in the emotional management of elderly patients with chronic diseases.From the professional level of social work,efforts were made to alleviate their negative emotional problems,increase their self emotional cognition and improve their ability of self emotion management.Finally,the effectiveness of group intervention is evaluated and its shortcomings are reflected.Through the evaluation,it can be found that group work has significant advantages in intervening the emotional management of elderly patients with chronic diseases,alleviating the negative emotional problems of elderly patients with chronic diseases,and improving the ability of self emotion cognition and emotion management.The combination of working methods and contents of group work can appropriately respond to the needs and ensure the sustainability of group effectiveness;and diversified learning forms and practices Group work is helpful to establish mutual support network for elderly patients with chronic diseases,link resources and provide support.However,due to the fixed thinking of the elderly and the limitation of social workers' professional ability,the effectiveness of the group is affected to a certain extent.According to the situation and shortcomings of practical intervention,the author puts forward targeted suggestions on the practical work intervention of emotional management of elderly patients with chronic diseases,so as to provide experience and reference for the related research in the future.
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