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Countermeasure Research On The Development Of High-level Sports Teams In South China University Of Technology

Posted on:2021-02-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2427330611465794Subject:Sports teaching
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The successful hosting of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games marked the new height of the development of competitive sports in China,and the continuous emergence of various types of competitive talents has added a strong impetus to the development of competitive sports in China.As an important platform for cultivating high-level competitive talents,high-level sports teams in universities carry the important task of cultivating and exporting competitive sports talents in schools.After more than 30 years of development,competitive sports in universities in China have repeatedly achieving outstanding results,which has played a vital role in promoting the development of competitive sports in China,and hastened the pace of China's transition from a major sports country to a sports power.In 2005,the Ministry of Education and the State General Administration of Sport evaluated the high-level sports teams of ordinary colleges and universities and finally determined the admission qualifications of 235 colleges and universities such as Peking University.In 2010,the Ministry of Education carried out a new round of review and determination of the application of high-level sports teams by ordinary colleges and universities,and finally assessed that 279 colleges and universities have qualifications for recruiting high-level athletes.The construction of high-level sports teams in ordinary colleges and universities spread across the country.South China University of Technology,as a university with high-level sports teams approved by the Ministry of Education,has made breakthroughs in the training and export of competitive talents in recent years,and has successively cultivated outstanding athletes such as Yu Hexin and Liang Xiaojing.On this basis,this study aims to improve the management level of high-level sports teams in South China University of Technology,promote the output of high-level sports teams in South China University of Technology and cultivate high-quality athletes.The literature research method,mathematical statistics method,and questionnaire survey were used to conduct field investigations on high-level sports teams such as track and field,swimming,football,table tennis,and basketball at South China University of Technology.Through further research and analysis,the current situation of the development of South China University of Technology's high-level sports teams has problems such as conflicts in learning and training,inadequate management of the athlete and coach team,and a single source of funding for high-level sports teams.In view of the above,the following conclusions and suggestions are proposed:1.In the South China University of Technology's high-level sports team athlete management mode,the school platform resources should be fully utilized in terms of admissions,learning arrangements,daily training and competition arrangements,scientifically enroll projects,rationally setup athletes' daily cultural courses,and improve high-level sports Team academic training management personnel training system,etc.;2.Effectively solve the problem of coach team management during the construction of high-level sports teams.Starting from the relevant links of coaching,assessment,teaching evaluation,and other related aspects,the sports college and school jointly manage and implement the actual situation of the sports team.In addition,continuously promote the professional level of coaches through relevant internal and external training to ensure the professionalization of the school's high-level sports team coaches.3.In terms of the management mechanism for cultivating competitive sports talents in colleges and universities,effectively train and target students and athletes,innovate ideas in training,and integrate with international advanced scientific training,focusing on setting traditional advantage progects4.On the sources of funding for training of high-level sports teams,we should make full use of the resources of the school platform to carry out relevant cooperation with external schools,extensively absorb social capital,and expand the sources of funding for high-level sports teams in schools.In addition,in daily competition training,actively establish contacts with relevant sports clubs and enrich the training system of high-level sports teams by introducing high-level coaches and competition activities.
Keywords/Search Tags:South China University of Technology, High-level sports team, Countermeasures
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