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Study On The Influence Mechanism Of Leisure Participation, Restriction And Satisfaction Of Professional Women

Posted on:2021-02-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the development of The Times,leisure plays a more and more important role in social life,which is an important measure to measure the quality of life and happiness of modern people.As "capable half-sky" women,especially professional women,their leisure situation is a topic that urgently needs attention in contemporary society.Most professional women not only have to bear the pressure of work in the workplace,but also do heavy work such as caring for children and doing housework in the family.With the full implementation of the two-child policy in 2016,professional women in China are facing pressure from “two-child”,which is reflected in work,family,economics,social and other aspects.These pressures and restrictions will affect the leisure participation of professional women.And leisure satisfaction further affect the quality of life of professional women.In this context,this article takes Beijing as an example,uses questionnaires to collect data,uses SPSS software to process the data,analyzes the leisure status of professional women,and uses AMOS software to fit and modify the model.Finally,a structural equation model between leisure constraints,leisure participation,and leisure satisfaction was constructed.The specific conclusions are as follows:(1)the leisure time of working women in Beijing on weekdays and weekends is lower than the national average leisure level,and the leisure time in holidays is higher than the national average leisure level;Spending on leisure as a percentage of monthly income is concentrated between 5% and 20%;Leisure companions are spouse,boyfriend,classmate,friend,child,colleague,parent in turn;Professional women tend to participate in leisure activities in a static and leisurely manner,pay more attention to their own appearance and shape management,and have a lower participation rate in leisure activities with higher requirements on new bar consumption and personal ability;The major constraints on the leisure participation of professional women are "busy work with no time and energy","convenient and accessible leisure places","high leisure costs","psychological conditions","physical conditions","leisure atmosphere and facilities","interesting and participatory leisure activities" and "high leisure costs";To a lesser extent,"the attitude of friends and relatives","no companions","lack of relevant knowledge and skills","the safety of leisure places";Career women's leisure satisfaction from high to low in order to eliminate the negative emotions,"exercise","open horizon","increase the family intimate degree","alleviate work transaction problems","to" enhance the interpersonal relationship,"troubles" family business,"expands network","parenting" and "neat and comfortable".(2)Raising children has a greater impact on the leisure of professional women.Professional women who raise different numbers of children have different leisure characteristics.In terms of leisure participation,the most common leisure activities for professional women who did not take care of children were "cultural leisure",while the most common leisure activities for professional women who took care of one child and two children were "chatting" and "suburban tourism".In terms of leisure restriction,"busy work without time and energy" is the biggest leisure restriction factor,and the influence degree increases with the increase of the number of children.In terms of leisure satisfaction,professional women who did not have children were most satisfied with "exercising," while professional women who had children were most satisfied with "eliminating negative emotions."(3)Through public factor extraction,professional women's leisure participation activities can be divided into five categories: "self-improvement","beauty and fitness","sports","tourism" and "recreational entertainment";Leisure constraints include "support security constraints","internal physical constraints","facility services constraints","economic cost constraints",and "time and energy constraints",but in the process of constructing the structural equation model,the fit of the model is considered In this paper,the factor of "supporting safety constraints" is deleted;leisure satisfaction extracts five factors: "health,education","enhance feelings","relaxation and decompression","social,aesthetic" and "parenting" Levels.(4)"Time and energy" has the largest effect on leisure constraints,at 0.84,followed by "economic costs",with an effect of 0.63,and again with "facility services",with an effect of 0.42,and the "inner body" has the smallest effect,0.35;The effect of "beauty fitness" on leisure participation is the largest,0.63.The effects of "selfimprovement" and "sports" are not much different,0.61 and 0.60,respectively.The effect of "tourism" is 0.54.The effect of leisure participation is the smallest,which is 0.47;the effect of "relaxation and decompression" on leisure satisfaction is the largest,which is 0.75;the effect of "health and education" is 0.74;the two potentials of "social,aesthetic" and "enhancement" The effects of the variables on leisure satisfaction were the same,all being 0.7,and the latent variable with the smallest effect on leisure satisfaction was "raising children",which was 0.6.(5)the leisure restriction of professional women has a significant negative influence on leisure participation and leisure satisfaction;The leisure satisfaction of working women has a significant positive effect on their leisure participation.Through the test of the mediating effect of causal method,it is determined that the leisure satisfaction of professional women has some mediating effect between leisure restriction and leisure participation,which increases the negative effect of leisure restriction on leisure participation.In other words,the lower the leisure satisfaction of professional women is,the greater the negative effect of leisure restriction on leisure participation will be.Based on the research conclusion,this paper puts forward some Suggestions from the four levels of individual,family,enterprise and government to improve the life quality of working women,promote the harmony and happiness of families and the healthy development of urban leisure industry.
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