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Analysis Of Employment Problems Of Migrant Workers Returning Home

Posted on:2019-06-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the further development of the reform and opening up,the number of migrant workers are increasing gradually and become to a large group,which has been deeply concerned by Chinese government.Solving the employment problem of migrant workers effectively and maintaining their income stable are significant problems,which relate to people's live and social harmony and stability.China's economy is faced with more and more downward pressure in recent years,especially the development of the real economy has been impacted.As a result,many enterprises are forced to close or transform.On the other hand,cheap labor force of Vietnam,Burma and other Southeast Asian countries brings impact on Chinese manufacturing industry,so a number of manufacturing enterprises choose to move to Southeast Asia and many migrant workers are forced to lose their jobs.Ganluo township,Anfu county is located in remote area in central Jiangxi Province and it is a large labor-exporting township.There are a large number of migrant workers who are working in Pearl River Delta throughout the year.Because of these reasons,many migrant workers with low education background and poor skills are facing unemployment problems and begin to return to their hometown.Through a survey of migrant workers returning home in Ganluo township,there are several reasons for migrant workers to return home.Firstly,many companies are forced to close because of the economic decline so that part of migrant workers lose their jobs and return home to find job opportunities.Secondly,some enterprises pay lower wages so that workers' wages cannot keep up with rising prices.On the other hand,with the improvement of national urbanization and poverty alleviation,the rural industry structure is not just planting industry,and many farmers can be engaged in other industries.Following the promulgation of a series of poverty alleviation policies,it has attracted many migrant workers to return their hometown for employment in recent years.The paper is precisely obtaining from the present situation of migrant workers in Ganluo township to analyze reasons of returning home and find out the difficulties of employment,which learns about the current situation by the questionnaire in terms of the gender,age,education background and professional skills.As a conclusion,migrant workers are facing many difficulties,which are few employment opportunities,poor employment quality,low entrepreneurial success rate,poor employment stability and low job satisfaction.Aiming at these problems above,the paper analyzes reasons ofthese existing problems in three aspects: the government,society and migrant workers.First of all,the government has insufficient experiences of management,institutional dysfunction,urban-rural policy differences and insufficient fiscal capacity.Secondly,the economic development of the townships and towns is backward,and the opportunities of employment and starting a business are fewer.Finally,migrant workers do not have professional skills,their employment expectations are too high,and their concepts of employment are backward.Through the above analysis,the essay puts forward the countermeasures from how to solve the employment problems of migrant workers returning home in Ganluo township.On the one hand,the government should further improve relative policies,increase financial input,guide the employment reasonably,provide support for employment services and entrepreneurship,and create more job opportunities.On the other hand,the government should activate the market,optimize the employment environment constantly,and strengthen employment information services,trainings of professional skills and supports of technical cooperation.Furthermore,migrant workers returning home should improve their own quality,change their old ideas,improve their employability and enthusiasm.
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