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Co-Creation Perspective For The Evolution Of Didi Chuxing's Business Model:A Case Study

Posted on:2019-03-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2429330545473951Subject:Business Administration
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Relying on technological innovation in mobile Internet,big data,cloud computing and so on,many sharing economy enterprises have emerged and they built different types of business models,such as platform business model and rental economy model.Some successful sharing economy enterprises created value for more stakeholders through continuous business model innovation.Now diversification of business model is the common feature of these enterprises.Sustainable development of the sharing economy enterprises depends on business model innovation to some extent.Thus studies on the business model innovation and evolution mechanism of these successful enterprises is of great significance for guiding the similar enterprises to sustainability.This paper conducts a case study on Didi Chuxing,which is a typical sharing economy enterprise in China and it gains great success.First,it analyzes the dynamics developing process of Didi,based on three major elements of sharing economy:access capacity,tech-based platform,and crowd participation.It reveals different types of business models of Didi and how they hold promises and paradoxes.Second,this paper analyzes how Didi and its relevant multi-stakeholders achieve value co-creation through the following activities:value capture,value destroy,value miss,and value creation opportunity.Multi-stakeholders and their interaction form the three dimension structure of value network,including resource(point),connection(edge)and network(net).Through structural motivation and process analysis,it explores the evolution mechanism and value logic of the enterprise's business models.This study reveals that:(1)Didi Chuxing started from the Platform Economy and experienced the composite development of Platform Economy,Access Economy,and Community-based Economy.These three major models hold certain paradoxes.Mitigating most tensions does good to the sustainability of sharing economy enterprises;(2)The mechanism of the evolution of business models is that external stakeholders,like companies in industry chain,governments,break the core value network boundary and become participants in value co-creation,building a network with core member features high network intensity;(3)In the context of the platform model,there is a trade-off relationship between three-layer motivation,which supplements the value co-creation motivation theory.(4)There are three aspects of value creation opportunities:new energy,intelligence,and sharing.Finally,this paperuses the technical Road-mapping to plan for implementation of the three opportunities and predicts where sharing economy enterprises will go to.
Keywords/Search Tags:Sustainable Development, Business Model, Value Co-creation, Sharing Economy
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