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A Business Model For Combining Sustainability And Profit Together In Sharing Economy

Posted on:2020-10-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Arslanova KarinaFull Text:PDF
GTID:2439330578453774Subject:The MBA
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Recently,the collaborating economy has captured more attention;its problems are described increasingly.However,these explanations are sometime confusing,because there are many definitions for the consumption economy.Therefore,people may face some hurdles in the sharing economy which are highlighted in this study.Aigo's which is the trade name of Chinese Consumer Electronics Company is selected for this research.We aim to explain the relationship between the sustainability and profitability in the sharing economy business model.For this purpose,on demand service provider business model is used.This model is further utilized to find out the relationship between the sharing economy and profitability.Mixed methodology is used in this research.Data was collected through interviews and Questionnaires.The main findings revealed that there is a strong and positive relationship between sustainability and profitability in a sharing economy.The findings also shows that there are many problems which are highlighted in the Chinese sharing economy such as“difficulties with enforcing regulations,taxation,unfair competition,discrimination,producer risks,safety,insurance,and new kinds of externalities.” Some recommendations are also provided to overcome these problems.On the basis of analysis,it was confirmed that the collaborating economy helps the Aigos towards more sustainability.Some implications such as economic,social and environmental implications of the study are also provided.Finally,some limitations and future research indications are also given to enrich future research.
Keywords/Search Tags:sharing economy, business model, sustainability, sustainable sharing economy business model, Aigos(Chinese Consumer Electronics Company)
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