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The Path Of Business Model Innovation Research In Online Travel Enterprise Based On Value Co-creation

Posted on:2019-03-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2429330545982222Subject:Tourism Management
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With the progress of information technology and the rapid development of Internet,we have been in an era of information explosion.Under such condition,the business environment of tourism enterprises has undergone great changes.The demand of tourists has become more diversified.The tourism products have been transformed from standardized products of "hotel + air ticket" to non-standard tourism products.Business mode of operation as become more complex and changeable.The traditional business model of tourism business has not adapted to the needs of the environment and competition,companies need to seriously consider how to form the most conducive to their own business model.In this context,the research on the business model of tourism enterprises is gradually receiving the attention of tourism industry and academia.However,the current research on the business model of tourism enterprises is still at an early stage of exploration.The more it is based on the traditional manufacturing business model of product-led logic,which ignores the essential characteristics of tourism industry services.Therefore,this article takes this as an entry point,and analyzes the new business model of online travel enterprises in severe vertical areas from the perspective of value co-creation based on service-oriented logic in order to have a more comprehensive understanding of business model.This study selects the case of Hunan Lazy Cat International Travel Service Co.,Ltd(Hereinafter referred to as "Lazy Cat Travel"),as the research object,using the case study method.First of all,through literature and exploratory interview to understand the basic situation of the case business model;Then summarize the specific research questions and build a theoretical framework based on the literature combing;Based on the preliminary theoretical framework,a detailed study of Lazy Cat Travel was made to arrive at the final model of the article.It is also the innovation point and theoretical contribution of this article.At the same time,through the research on the innovation path of Lazy Cat Travel business model,it is of great significance and value for our tourism enterprises to better develop toward diversification and differentiation.Through the research,this article finds that the innovation of business model consists of three aspects of value proposition,value creation,value transfer and value acquisition and each dimension contains different steps.At the same time the three are not a linear process but a continuous closed-loop structure.In the business model innovation,the realization of the value is that the enterprise takes the customers as the center and the enterprises,customers and partners participate in it.Value proposition corresponds to the value of consensus,value creation and delivery is the process of creating value and ultimately achieve the result of the value of win-win.Finally,according to the conclusion of this study,some Suggestions on business model innovation are put forward.
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