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Research On Drivers Of Enterprise Value Creation Under Internet Business Model

Posted on:2018-12-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Rise and popularization of the Internet has impacted society. Enterprise is no longer just relying on direct access value of traditional products and services. With its unique characteristics, Internet subverts the traditional business model, and changes the way and channels of capturing value. In 2015, during National People's Congress, "Internet +" plan was mentioned for the first time by Prime Minister Li Keqiang in the government work report.and officially established as a national strategy. Many traditional enterprise has successfully transformed under the background of the Internet, while some of the rising Internet business fail. In the field of business model research, scholars define business model and describes its constituent elements from different Angle, but the academic circles still have no unified accurate answers. In addition, the business model has significant impact to the enterprise performance, but the impact of different factors on enterprise performance is different, and different business model has different impact on enterprise performance. Existing research lack of large sample empirical research based on corporate value creation.Based on network economics, switching cost, the long tail and bilateral market, as well as the development of Internet business model, this paper discusses the mechanism of enterprise value creation respectively from socialization, platformization, customization, lock-in,concentration, technicalization, and put forward six hypotheses. Then, this paper selects samples and defined the hypothesis variables, and build empirical model of enterprise value creation.then carries out empirical research on the Internet business model by hierarchical regression analysis method for listed enterprises, explores the driving effect of six factors on enterprise value creation, finds out that the socialization, customization, lock-in and customization have significant positive influence on the enterprise value creation, but platformization and technicalization cannot better promote the enterprise value creation. Finally the paper puts forward three suggestions to the development of enterprise: creating and developing their own community, and cultivating customer loyalty; creating a good interactive environment to guide the user interaction; focusing on product development research, rather than product abundance, and paying more attention to the quality of the products.
Keywords/Search Tags:Internet Business Model, Enterprise Value Creation, Network Effect, Switching Cost, Hierarchical Regression Analysis Method
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