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Business Model Research Of A Start-Up E-Commerce Enterprise Case Study On A New Online-Tourism Venture

Posted on:2015-03-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2269330428461678Subject:Business Administration
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After entering the21st century, Internet is quietly changing the world around us. It has come into every aspect of our life, modifying our lifestyle, and transforming the business rules. All the industries, sooner or later, more or less, are facing the impact of Internet, including the tourism industry.This paper is studying such a tourism company which is trying to enter the Internet world, but after striving for more than one year, this company finds out that such experiment is not easy at all. It’s so hard to win customers in this hyper-competitive market. In order to survive in the on-line tourism industry, new-comer has to provide innovative product/service and business model.Based on the study on tourism industry&competition environment together with SWOT analysis, the writer points out that the company needs brand-new strategic thinking and positioning. The innovations on product, logistic management, channels and marketing should all root from the customer requirement. The integration of innovations on these four aspects will create a new business model, which cannot be copied so easily in short-term.The distinctive feature of this paper is that many theories&methods from MBA courses are used on the study. As we know, MBA is different from the other professional masters because it focuses more on the use of the theories instead of the research on the theories. Therefore, this paper is better in its applicability than its technicality, which could well support the company’s practice in real business world.Definitely business model innovation not only stays in the paper, but will also be carried out by the company. Such practice will offer the company feedbacks by return to optimize the model again. More importantly, business model innovation is highly risky, which means it could bring good results to the company, and sometimes the adverse. Therefore, the company managers need courage to innovate the new things. Raising ideas is not that hard, while converting ideas to success is much more challenging. However, we have confidence that the management team from ZX tourism will take good use of the ideas in this paper and lead this start-up company to a better future!...
Keywords/Search Tags:Online Tourism, New Venture Management, Business Model Innovation
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