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Study On The Influence Of Government Support Policy On The Participation Effect Of "Agriculture-supermarket Jointing"

Posted on:2019-03-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y Y DengFull Text:PDF
GTID:2429330548987939Subject:Administrative Management
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Aiming to solve the disagreement between the production and sales of agricultural products,the “Agricultural Super Matchmaking” has emerged as a new mode in the agricultural development of China.The “Agricultural Super Matchmaking” model can effectively shorten the intermediate links of agricultural product transactions and reduce waste of resources.Therefore it becomes the main direction of development for the connection of production and sales of fresh agricultural products in China.As the best intermediary between supermarkets and farmers,the flourishing development of cooperatives has laid the foundation for the smooth development of “agricultural super matchmaking”.However,while the “Agricultural Super Matchmaking” is gradually popularized in China,the farmers' cooperatives participating in “Agricultural Super Matchmaking” have a low level of participation and a short duration,and the participation results are worse than expected.As the leader of the “Agricultural Super Matchmaking”,the government has formulated a series of supportive policies since the conduction of “Agricultural Super Matchmaking”,in order to strengthen the participation effect of “farmers' super-docking” of farmers' cooperatives and promote the steady development of “Agricultural Super Matchmaking” model.Therefore,development to ascertain the government's support policy is of great significance to the participating extent and time of farmer cooperatives in the “Agricultural Super Matchmaking”.On the basis of summarizing the existing researches,this paper proposes research hypotheses,and uses the behavior,performance of the national toll farmer cooperatives "Agricultural Super Matchmaking" and the policy research based on Jiangxi survey data(No.71463026)using Tobit regression.The results show that the government provides credit support,guidance or training for standardized technologies,and takes effect in the purchase of inspection and testing equipment,the construction of cold and fresh-keeping infrastructure,and the purchase of refrigerated transport tools."Connecting" has a significant impact on the degree of participation;government provides financial support,credit support,guidance or training on the construction of traceability systems,guidance or training on standardized technologies,inspection and inspection equipment purchase,construction of refrigerated and preserving infrastructure,and refrigerated transport purchases.The nine factors that can be supported by the establishment of a docking platform and the establishment of a network information platform will significantly affect the duration of “farmer docking” of farmer cooperatives.Based on this,the paper proposes that the government should actively construct the agricultural credit support systems to promote the integration of tertiary industries,optimize financial support and agricultural subsidies,introduce third-party logistics to foster supporting specialized service industries,and build a public information service platform to make information open.
Keywords/Search Tags:government support policy, docking in agriculture, participation effect, degree of participation, duration
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