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Research On The Influence Of Manufacturing Enterprise Network Capability On Innovation Performance In Innovation Network

Posted on:2019-07-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2429330548993168Subject:Business Administration
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With the rapid development of the global economy and the increasingly competitive global market,if enterprises want to occupy a certain position in the market,they must deal with the era of rapid development by improving their own innovation performance.Manufacturing enterprises occupy an important position in the development of a country's manufacturing industry.Manufacturing enterprises want to occupy a favorable position in the current rapid development of the information age,but also through improving their own innovation performance to achieve.However,in the innovation activities,there are often uncertain factors and complexity factors,which makes the enterprise not satisfied with the internal acquisition of knowledge to complete the innovation activities.At this time,enterprises often obtain the required information,knowledge from the outside of the organization and apply it to the process of various innovation activities.Seek cooperation with external enterprises,avoid the phenomenon of closed doors,and achieve the need for innovation.Manufacturing enterprises improve innovation performance through close contact between internal and external enterprises,acquire new knowledge outside enterprises,establish links with internal enterprises through external network,form innovation mechanism,and then improve innovation performance.It ensures the production of innovative behavior of manufacturing enterprises and brings advantages to the development of enterprises.This paper starts with the network capability of manufacturing enterprises in innovation network,and finally summarizes the countermeasures and suggestions to improve the innovation performance of manufacturing enterprises.First,the paper systematically expounds the current situation and problems of manufacturing enterprise innovation network and manufacturing enterprise network capability in innovation network,and then further summarizes the achievements in the field of innovation network research,and defines manufacturing enterprise innovation network.The connotation and dimension of network capability organizational learning team identification and innovation performance are redefined and the relationship between related variables is further explored.Secondly,the relationship between the variables of network capability,organizational learning,team identification and innovation performance of manufacturing enterprises is studied,and the relevant research hypotheses of this paper are established based on the previous researches on the relationship between these variables.Thus,the conceptual model of this paper is established.Third,carry on the empirical research.Through literature research and other methods to establish the most of the questionnaire,with the help of SPSS 20.0 AMOS20.0 software to the results of the questionnaire data analysis and empirical research,manufacturing enterprises network capabilities,organizational learning,The relationship and hypothesis between innovation performance and team identity are tested,and the empirical results are analyzed.Finally,the countermeasures and suggestions to improve the innovation performance of manufacturing enterprises are put forward.The corresponding countermeasures and suggestions are put forward from several aspects,such as perfecting the innovation network of manufacturing enterprises,enhancing the network capability of manufacturing enterprises,enhancing the organizational learning ability of manufacturing enterprises,and improving the team identity of manufacturing enterprise employees.Through the systematic research in this paper,we define the concepts and dimensions of innovation network,network capability,organizational learning,team identity and innovation performance,and explore the impact of network capability and innovation performance of manufacturing enterprises.Through organizational learning as intermediary variable and team identity as adjustment variable,the conceptual model constructed in this paper is tested,and corresponding countermeasures and suggestions are given according to the conclusions of the study.In order to improve the innovation performance of manufacturing enterprises,the corresponding reference is given.
Keywords/Search Tags:innovation network, network capability, organizational learning, team identity, innovation performance
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