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Research On The Relationship Between "Orientation-Capability" Of Open Innovation Based On Organizational Learning

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In the open innovation model, innovation is no longer a simple, linear process, but an open environment based on complex feedback mechanisms. Resources and capacity demands of the enterprise by the internal closed innovation mode guide has moved on to knowledge inflow, outflow and sharing and win-win value generation oriented in the open network environment. The elements that play a key role in the realization of innovation value seem to haven’t been the key resources and complementary technologies themselves, but how to find them and form a cooperative network with their own businesses. However, value generating path of open innovation, although it looks attractive, many researchers have found that if you can’t be a good solution to the value sharing mechanism of open innovation, the network coordination mechanism and open ability conversion mechanism, the implementation of open innovation will be a big discount. This means that enterprises should carry out strategic thinking innovation in the network environment. Open innovation is not suitable for all enterprises and all enterprise growth stages, but it can be used as a kind of enterprise strategy with a good matching of the specific environment. The practice of this strategy requires that enterprises have the ability to adapt to strategic level, and help enterprises to adapt to changes of the external environment, and to carry out reform and innovation and flexible and efficient management to achieve the continuous creation of the advantages of performance.Obviously, the open innovation of enterprise strategy orientation and the unique ability of open innovation have a close relationship. Many studies on the choice and matching of the degree of openness both reflect this.However, open innovation guide how to promote access to and enhance an unique open innovation ability is not an obvious process. Even in the general areas of strategic research, about guide and ability relations has neither mature theoretical guidance also lack a complete research framework, let alone specific research area for the open innovation.A business-oriented to some practical ability upgrade still has a considerable number of internal mechanism in a "black box" state.But open innovation using innovative networks carry on unique knowledge exchange, It provides clues for us to open this black box.The first one is Innovation Network, the network is not only the background environment of open innovation, capacity to network-related has become enterprise network environments show different viability and vitality of the unique endowments innovation.The second one is organizational learning characteristics, knowledge resources is an open innovation resources to get the most important innovations from the outside world, especially those who can not easily explicit, but also requires companies have the capacity to identify, search, and share a variety of absorption.Based on this, a kind of open innovation activities, which is a kind of strategic orientation and a kind of enterprise, is given to the open innovation activities. In the study of the relationship between open innovation orientation and open innovation ability, the network ability endowment and organizational learning two important variables are introduced. From the perspective of the network carrier and the knowledge attribute of the open innovation, the enterprise open innovation environment matching relationship, the value generating process and the ability generation process, which provides an analytical framework for the construction of strategic management in the guidance and capacity relationship.The core content of the study is to explore the relationship between the environment and the formation mechanism of innovation network based on open innovation and open innovation-oriented organizational learning ability.Through the open innovation from a comprehensive study phenomena and theory, depth analysis of the microstructure of open innovation and knowledge-based activities, the study includes the "guide-the ability to" analyze the perspective of open innovation constitute and the impact mechanism of organizational learning guide for open innovation and open innovation capability relations.Among them, analyzing open innovation based on open innovation-oriented and open innovation ability and completing the construct. Through interviews and case studies, open innovation analysis dimension will be established and a latent variable will be formed. The specific research includes the following aspects. First, innovation-oriented and open innovation capability clear mechanism open relationship. From the literature review and theoretical analysis, investigating the theoretical study on the basis of whether to establish a direct correlation between the guide and the ability and exploring other factors that affect the guide and ability.Second,analyzing the relationship between organizational learning and open innovation guide. Leading into organizational learning and examine the relationship between organizational learning theory and open respectively breadth, depth. Using surveys and case studies to develop of the theory of the relationship further and exploration of the applicable conditions and other factors.The third is the relationship analysis organizational learning and internal and external open innovation ability. Investigate the mechanism of organizational learning and the relationship between external, internal open innovation capability and various intellectual activities respectively. Using surveys and case studies to develop of the theory of the relationship further and exploration of the applicable conditions and other factors.The forth is the impact of organizational learning on open innovation and open innovation capability oriented relationship model.The fifth is based on the open innovation innovation network idiosyncrasy.Combining this special background with dynamic capabilities theory,we’ll explore the unique role of the network capacity in open innovation and open innovation capability guide relations mechanism.The full text is divided into 7 chapters, and the specific content arrangement is as follows:The first chapter is the introduction part. This chapter is the preparation of the research, and the main problems to be studied in this paper. It introduces the theoretical and practical significance of this research. And on this basis, the key concepts, technical route, research methods, content arrangement and the main innovation points of this paper are introduced.The second chapter is the theoretical basis and the research summary. This paper expounds the related theory of open innovation, open innovation orientation and the definition and research status of open innovation ability. It introduces current situation of organization learning theory and its relationship with open innovation. This chapter lays the theoretical foundation for the following research.The third chapter is based on the open innovation oriented organization learning. This chapter mainly introduces the effectiveness and advantages of the research framework for the establishment of an exploratory case study, and presents the theoretical expectations of the establishment of a combination of exploratory case studies and literature review. This chapter according to the exploratory case study steps and implement standard to choose the brilliance auto, Shenyang machine tool, Lanying equipment and Orville communications five companies as a case study. Finally, the theoretical framework of the innovation network characteristics, organizational learning, open innovation orientation and open innovation capability is determined through case study.The fourth chapter is about the hypothesis and the model of the relationship between the open innovation orientation and the ability. On the basis of the basic framework of the research, the theoretical model is further deepened and perfected. In particular, based on the basic framework and literature review of the case study, the measurement scale of the main variables is determined, and put forward the basic research hypothesis. This part is an important part of the combination of theoretical research and empirical research.Chapter 5 is about the research methods of open innovation-ability relations. This chapter is a preparation section of the large sample empirical research, it focuses on the research method which include questionnaire design, variable finalized and measurement methods, the methods and effectiveness of data collection, and the data processing and Iindex system based on structural equation.Chapter 6 is about the empirical research of open innovation- ability relations. This chapter include two parts, the research and formal research. In the part of pre-survey mainly concluded the measurement methods of realiability and validity,. On the basic of pre-survey,we improve and determin the test method of variable. In the part of formal survey, we analysised the reliability and validity of each variable on the basis of a large number of questionnaires. And we determined the effectiveness of research model through a variety tests.In the end, we make correlation test, regression test, structural equation test which from easy to difficult, from basic to complex, across the test system to determine the relationship between variables.Chapter 7 is about conclusion and outlook. We elaborated the formation mechanism of open innovation-ability relations, the intermediary role of organizational learning, the adjust effect of network capability systematic and comprehensive by discussing the contents of the previous seven chapters. This chapter is mainly about the summarizes and generalization of former article, put forward the mainly conclusions and research Implications, and pointed out the main development of this study area.After the previous seven chapters, we finally obtain the following conclusions:(1) Orientation of open innovation has a positive impact on capabilities of open innovation. Orientation of open innovation depth has a positive impact on both the internal and external capabilities of open innovation, orientation of open innovation scope has a positive impact on has a positive impact on both the internal and external capabilities of open innovation. The more emphasis on open innovation, the more frequently the enterprises in the innovation process communicate with the user embedded in innovative enterprises,which can effectively improve the company’s products, enhance product development and market efficiency. By establishing long-term strategic partnership with suppliers, research institutions, technology intermediaries and other organizations, enabling businesses continue to acquire market information, technical resources, manufacturing capacity, can compensate for internal resources, knowledge, lack of ability, but also can effectively shorten the development cycle, save development time and costs, increase open innovation capacity. The higher the level of cooperation with external partners, the higher total new product sales revenue in the proportion. Integration with business-related suppliers will have an important role in promoting the development of new products. Enterprises share knowledge, resources and external collaborators selectively, which improved the capacity of open innovation.(1) Organizational learning is mediating variables between open innovation-oriented and ability. Open innovation-oriented has a positive impact on organizational learning and organizational learning has a positive impact on open innovation capability. Specifically: Depth oriented of open innovation has a positive impact on learning and sharing visions commitment. Breadth oriented of open innovation has a positive impact on learning commitment and open mind. Learning Commitment has a positive impact on the ability of open innovation content and external capacity. Share the vision has a positive impact on the internal open innovation ability. Open mind has a positive impact on the external open innovation ability. Depth oriented of open Innovation encourages break the action of original framework in order to favor the formation of learning commitment. By establishing long-term strategic partnership with suppliers, research institutions, technology intermediaries and other organizations, enabling businesses continue to acquire market information, technical resources, manufacturing capabilities, which make up the internal resources, lack of knowledge, ability, improved innovation, R & D efficiency and other aspects of shared vision. Breadth oriented of open innovation able businesses external resources, knowledge and ideas become rich and varied, which can effectively promote learning commitment of enterprise. In process of innovation activities, enterprises have a choice to make external organizations or institutions involved in the process of creative production, research and development and testing. Foreign advantages can inject company new strength, by cooperating with external partners. Learning as the main ways to improve corporate values by upgrading ability of knowledge search and identify. Companies with strong ability of knowledge search and identify will be more integrated into different knowledge nature in order to provide open innovation internal capacity, thereby promoting open innovation internal capacity. Learning commitments mainly is that business regards learning as the core corporate culture, the culture have a positive impact on the learning awareness of employees and can effectively enhance the company’s absorptive capacity, connectivity and desorption capacity. Share the vision will help enterprises enhance innovation capability and change. Enterprises encourage to question the shortages in the business operation processes, promote to tolerate different views. Supervisors encourage the staffs advice and comments, and promote continuous innovation. Those are open mental performance. And these practices help enterprises to break the existing thinking model, thus enhance the external capability of open innovation.Network capability is positively regulated the relationship that Open innovation depth and breadth orientation influence the open innovation internal and external ability.As a whole, the ability of the network can effectively promote the cognition of the external network environment, overcome the obstacles in the innovation network, and the network capability is a kind of relationship management capability, which helps companies to identify the network opportunity, select partners, acquire external resources, network location, and coordinate and cooperate with each other, and then construct the resource sharing and trust mechanism.Network capability is an important regulated variable from the relationship between inward oriented open innovation oriented, open oriented open innovation oriented and open innovation abilityCompared with the existing research, the innovation of this research is mainly in the:First, from the open innovation practice of the "guiding-ability" dimension,profoundly analysis the composition of open innovation,This is the biggest difference with the previous research on open innovation willingness and ability to combine perspective on openness content are also studied, open the open innovation inside the "black box". And on this basis, comprehensively analysis the degree of openness, including the relationship and the process of these two core elements, breaking the limitations of isolated research.Second, we explore the relationship between open innovation and dynamic capabilities, especially organizational learning was introduced from the knowledge property of open innovation, we analysis the influence of the knowledge base for open innovation capabilities. It is different from the past research which directly concerned the performance Impact of organizational learning for open innovation, In this study, more in-depth details of open innovation process, the open innovation is further divided into open innovation-oriented and open innovation capability in two parts, then study the mediating effect of organizational learning in open innovation and dynamic capabilities relations, build a model which based on the organizational learning for open innovation and dynamic capabilities on performance, thus enriching the mechanism of organizational learning.Third, we analyze the innovation network characteristics of open innovation, and further between open innovation and dynamic capabilities relations, we put the network characteristic specific into network capabilities variables. This study extends previous research horizons which put network capacity as a single enterprise level capability, and think it as a overall capacity that enterprise use innovative network access to innovative resources, the overall capacity is different from single ability, and it showed more special qualifications that the enterprise who is in the implementation of open innovation, this qualification play an important indirect role in the open innovation orientation and open innovation capabilities.
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