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Optimal Decision Of Cold Chain Distributor Under Uncertain Environment

Posted on:2018-11-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:M M MingFull Text:PDF
GTID:2429330569975362Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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The cold chain logistics is the focus of today's social development and also a research hotspots,this thesis studys the optimal decisions of the distributor under the background of cold chain logistics.First of all,the thesis studys the current situation of domestic and the development of international cold chain logistics through read and analysis a lot of literature,and then put forward our research questions.The thesis divides the question into three parts,that is the optimal decisions of distributor when there is only quality loss,when there is only quantity loss and when there are both quality loss and quantity loss in the cold chain,respectively,and each of the three parts is divided into three parts once again for detail study and finally get the optimal decisions of distributor.In the thesis,it introduces both freshness index and surviving index to describe the feature of fresh product in the cold chain,which represent the quantity loss and quality loss respectively and develops a model to study the optimal solution of two of three variables under the three cases.The research shows,when there is only quality loss exit,the distributor invests freshness effort is aimed at improving the freshness level of product and then attract more customers to buy his product and pricing higher;when there is only quantity loss exist,the distributor can not get more profit from improving the product freshness level or increasing price,however,the invest of freshness effort is expected to keep the product number at a reasonable level so to get profit;when there are both quality loss and quantity loss exist,the distributor invests freshness effort and expect for higher freshness level and lager product number so to achieve lager sales volume and pricing higher.
Keywords/Search Tags:cold chain, fresh product supply chain, freshness-keeping effort, additive demand
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