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Acheng And The Field Of Literary Discourse In The 1980s

Posted on:2020-03-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:S X XuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2435330590962264Subject:Chinese Modern and Contemporary Literature
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A cheng belongs to the literature of the 80's,but its literary concept and stylistic "experiment" maintains a certain connection and distance with the literary discourse of the 80,especially its writer's posture,which is consciously away from the mainstream literature,makes it a complex existence that can not be ignored in the 80 literature.The "old" and "vulgar" of A cheng's knowledge structure formed his very different writer's attitude and discourse consciousness from the mainstream writers of the 80.Although it is in the marginal position of the narrative frame of literary history,its works are not with the slightest "collective" consciousness because they are far away from the changes of the times and the mainstream values,but form the self-unique literary pattern with the "non-cooperative" writer's posture.A cheng is an alternative and unique existence in the history of literature in the 80,but its uniqueness has not been deeply excavated and affirmed by researchers,and the study of the hookup of A cheng and the 80's literature has been unattended.This paper will take the method of combining the study of literary history with the study of writers ' works,hookup the literary discourse of A cheng with the literary discourse of the 80 's,and reveal the richer A cheng,which is obscured by the narration of literary history,by examining the different ways and forms of discourse and existence of the discourse of human nature,historical narrative discourse and "pure literature".At the same time,it affirms the rationality and value of the literary concept of "Wen not carrying the Tao" practiced by A cheng in the text.The main part of this thesis is composed of three aspects.The first chapter examines the different embodiments of human nature discourse in the historical reflection in A cheng and the 80's literature,and tries to show that writers have enabled the two different discourse strategies of enlightenment Rational Discourse and Life perceptual discourse in the construction of human discourse,so human discourse has different forms of expression in different writers' texts.The emphasis highlights the unique perspective of A cheng's use of secular construction of human discourse.The second chapter examines the different ways of intervening in the historical narration between A cheng and the 80's literature,and reflects on the grand view of history in most novels from the sentiment of A cheng's novels to the Daily history.The third chapter examines the different literary "experiments" made by A cheng and the 80's literature on the construction of "pure literature" discourse,and affirms the restoration and construction of literary subjectivity by A cheng with landscape discourse and notebook discourse,and reflects on a kind of "pure literature" discourse with the tone of "carrying the Tao" or dispelling the spiritual power of literature by radical attitude.
Keywords/Search Tags:a cheng, 80's literature, human discourse, historical narrative discourse, The Discourse of Pure literatu
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