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Gift Diplomacy

Posted on:2021-04-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Gift-giving is a common courtesy in diplomatic activities.This kind of behavior has a long history,through the gift exchange,diplomatic actors can increase the feelings between the two countries.Diplomatic gifts are not only limited to cultural toys,animals can also play an important role for special use.With the development of the times,gift-exchanging activities within countries are incrementally in public.Unfortunately,the theory of gift diplomacy has always lagged behind its practice,and the concept of gift diplomacy is also lacking in systematic understanding.This paper attempts to discuss the two kinds of logic of gift in daily life on the basis of Mosse's argument,one is the direct gift giving,the other is the gift exchange,which is different from the commodity exchange.Furthermore,the article attempts to define the concept of gift diplomacy from the perspective of sociology,and holds that the basis of gift diplomacy is gift exchange,focus on the identity of the donor and the recipient,the gift exchange ceremony,and the gift selection of three aspects.Countries maintain their inherent relations through the system of exchange of gifts.Through the comparison of gift diplomacy in the perspective of tribute system in the Qing Dynasty and public diplomacy,this paper sorts out the different forms of gift diplomacy in these two periods,and shows the change of the hierarchical relationship and the core meaning of the subject of gift diplomacy.
Keywords/Search Tags:Gift exchange, Gift diplomacy, Tributary system, Public diplomacy, Panda Diplomacy
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