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Research On Public Diplomacy From The Perspective Of Constructivism

Posted on:2021-04-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:D C TanFull Text:PDF
GTID:2436330629453972Subject:International politics
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The choice of research approach is crucial for understanding or explaining public diplomacy(PD)issues.The starting point and ending point of PD are state interests,and only the practice-oriented intermediate links are diversified,which determines that the real object of these researches is the relationship process of intermediate links,namely the mechanism problem.Compared with traditional diplomacy,the indirectness of PD leads to the extension of its mechanism in time and space,and its function and rationality are also questioned.In order to establish a foothold and develop this discipline,the academic focus should be shifted from theory building to the research of effective public diplomacy.This kind of research is a political,procedural and instrumental mechanism research,which runs through the whole process from diplomatic concept to multiple practice to political effect.At least,it is necessary to clarify and expound this three issues: why and how a state conducts PD and how to achieve the goal of PD.Considering the above requirements and the characteristics of constructivism IR theory,we can draw on the latter's core arguments and logic,and try to explore a constructivist approach to understand or explain PD.By combing the mainstream paradigms of PD,such as political power theory,soft power theory,international communication theory and international public relations theory,and returning to the corresponding theories of international relations,it can be seen that the controversy is actually battle between rationalism and reflectivism,which proves the necessity of expanding the theoretical paradigm of constructivism.The researches of system theory and international norm on PD constitute the theoretical proposition.The system theory contributed by Alexander Wendt is used to explain the mechanism of PD to achieve political goals in the international society,especially to analyze the structure,agency and culture in PD.It finds that PD has more advantages on identity construction in the structure of discursive formation.PD contains two kinds of agency,the individual agency inspired by it plays a constructive role on the corporate agency of a state.PD constructs the shared knowledge,but it is still a competitive behavior among cultural actors.On the other hand,from the perspective of norm evolution,it focuses on PD's position and role in the international norm diffusion,change and interactive socialization,to better understand its effectiveness.PD realizes the cooperative or competitive goal of idea dissemination,promotes institutionalization,improves the efficiency of norm internalization,and forms discourse confrontation to block norm diffusion.Through discourse and social practices,PD promotes favorable normative changes.In the consolidation and reform of norms,actors use PD to coordinate game relations and realize the integration of self-interest and normative innovation.In order to test the reliability of the above research approaches,case studies were conducted on the PD activities of Israel and Singapore respectively.In the second Lebanon war,although Israel's PD activities gained support from US under the conflict structure,they did not get broad participation of the international public or fit the European culture effectively,so that it ultimately remained isolated.Lacking strong power,Singapore builds the image of a weak small state and the leader of small states through PD,spreads the concept of sustainable development,connects the interests of small states and coordinates cooperative relations,so that it ultimately contributes to the construction of international norms to achieve political goals.This constructivist approach to PD is valuable in both macro analysis and empirical research,and is helpful to recognize the evolution of identity and the change of issues in China's public PD.It also brings some enlightenment.At present,there is still a long way to go for China's PD,and advancing PD theories will be the guide for China to build the culture of community of shared future for mankind for the international society.
Keywords/Search Tags:Effective public diplomacy, Constructivism, Agency, Norm diffusion, Socialization, Relationship process
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